What is this mystery mute button?

What is this mystery mute button?

Recently when I'm stopped at a light, I see a mute button appear on the left side of the screen, under the auto steer symbol. I was hoping this allowed muting of the autopilot DING sounds, but it doesn't seem to do that. It doesn't seem to affect the audio system or navigation either. I couldn't find reference to it in the owners manual. Does anyone know what it does?


Mute off:

Mute on:

spuzzz123 | 27. kesäkuu 2018

Maybe Bluetooth phone mute?

JAD | 27. kesäkuu 2018

Is it for the parking sensor beep?

badaman | 27. kesäkuu 2018

That's the radar sensor for objects nearby sound..ding ding ding

Kathy Applebaum | 27. kesäkuu 2018

@JAD and @badaman have it right. It turns off the warnings that you're too close to stuff. The sounds are useful if you didn't know you were near things, but are annoying when it's telling you what you already know.

czamara | 27. kesäkuu 2018

Oh wow, really? That's awesome, I hate those dings because they warn me when it's not necessary and it gets me worried I am about to hit something when backing up. Seems like a UI fail to have such a cryptic control! Some explanation of what it does, maybe even just the first time you press it, would be nice!

Anyway, I turned it off so I'll see if those dings stop happening. Hopefully it doesn't also turn off the collision warning sounds :)

tesla | 27. kesäkuu 2018

That button toggles proximity warnings from the ultrasonic sensors (audible analog to the colored lines drawn around the car on the screen). I park on a narrow street and that button is the difference between intolerable car and tolerable car. I already know where all the obstacles are, but there's no way to drive without getting close enough to them to sound a jillion audible alarms.

This does NOT disable audible collision alerts from the forward radar (usually to alert you to a stopped car in front of you - obstacle car will highlight red on screen). So this mute button takes away the naggies at parking speeds, but preserves critical safety warnings while driving.