"Complete the steps below to take delivery..." questions

"Complete the steps below to take delivery..." questions

So I configured and plopped down the $2,500 on 6/28. I held off on completing all the steps until the 30th and all are green (complete) with the exception of "payment method" which I have set to loan through Tesla and it is grey. It says someone will contact me as delivery date approaches. Does the payment method need to be completed before you receive your VIN? For those that have taken delivery, is this the process you went through and how long did you wait with (almost) all green completed steps? Also, am I locked in to Tesla financing once they contact me or could I get a quote and finance through my credit union still? I'm hoping they had some black RWD 18 aero EAP rides in stock pile and I get it soon...

bharat | 03. heinäkuu 2018

The Sales rep will call you and email the VIN - it' taking just a few days (3-4 at most) currently - I ordered on 6/22 (Friday morning) and I got contacted on the following Wednesday (27th), got the VIN the next day and am taking delivery of the car 7/2 (this evening). I'm using a credit union and they cut a check for me yesterday (7/1), so I';m all set - process has been pretty smooth so far. I even changed an option within the first 3 days of ordering and there is no update charge as long as changes are withing 72 hours of ordering (also per their website).

bharat | 03. heinäkuu 2018

BTW, we ordered the Metallic dark silver RWD, 18" standard aero wheels (will have covers taken off), and the EAP

CST | 03. heinäkuu 2018

I'd get the drivers license & insurance filled out ASAP. No, you are not locked in on the payment option, but once you choose cash, only a rep can adjust it. Trade-in can be changed any time and I used it to determine when my edit button would really disappear. I had 10 weeks to play with this stuff - hopefully your wait will be less.

Kathy Applebaum | 03. heinäkuu 2018

If you're getting Tesla financing, the payment method CAN'T be completed before getting your VIN. And no matter what method you choose, your ISA will verify that you want to stick with it when they call. (Same for trade-in). Complete everything else, and you have no worries.

zstizzy | 03. heinäkuu 2018

Thanks for the insight!