"STOP" on Dashboard Display

"STOP" on Dashboard Display

My mother in law was driving our Model X through a flooded area, apparently through some pretty deep water. She said the dashboard display was flashing "STOP" in red. Has anyone experienced this "STOP" message before? I could not find anything in the manual regarding this warning. I looked at other postings online and it appears the vehicle should be able to drive unharmed through reasonably deep water.

lilbean | 06. heinäkuu 2018

I see that when parking close to the wall in my garage.

wjbordelon | 06. heinäkuu 2018

AHHHHH!!! It's the proximity sensor. Thanks!!!

Triggerplz | 06. heinäkuu 2018

Mother in law, driving and My Model X I don't even know how to put all that in a sentence:-)

Waldek | 06. heinäkuu 2018

@trigger lol :) but yeah same here...