"Just got the call"

"Just got the call"

As most everyone, I am anxiously awaiting "the call". I usually receive 4 or 5 calls a day from numbers I do not recognize and therefore do not pick up (figure if important would leave msg).

I am in the Bay Area and was wondering are the calls coming from a call center? or are they random based upon the ISA that is handling the case? are they leaving msgs if not picked up?

Guess what I am asking is there anything that would tip me off that its "the call" and not just another robot


CharleyBC | 16. heinäkuu 2018

@mike_f, most (maybe all) of us in CA are getting calls from Las Vegas, so area 702.

However, at least in my case, first contact was an email, not a call. She called later to answer some questions I'd posed in an email back to her.

5 days later we had our car!

Hashtag | 16. heinäkuu 2018

@CharleyBC - I'm in Texas and I too got an e-mail first on Saturday and replied back to her questions and added an additional question. Janis called me back today from a 702 area code (Las Vegas).

mike_f | 16. heinäkuu 2018

Good information, I know Tesla contracts out a lot of their customer service people so numbers are fairly random, will keep an eye peeled for that lucky 702 area code (why Las Vegas? go figure)

mike_f | 16. heinäkuu 2018

Good fortune....not 10 minutes after I posted my last response, I received a call from "702" as well.

Hashtag | 16. heinäkuu 2018

Lol nice.

Kathy Applebaum | 16. heinäkuu 2018

Congratulations! When's your due date? ;-)

cornellio | 16. heinäkuu 2018

Also got the call from Las Vegas. I'm in the Bay Area. Watch for calls from that location. I was expecting it since I got VIN assigned a few days earlier.

akuztikz | 16. heinäkuu 2018

Im from the Bay Area and got my call today from Matt... also 702 .. if I hadn't read in the forums about calls coming out of Nevada, I wouldn't have picked up as I get robocalls quite often too..

@Hashtag you were right about the Trade In change.. . I had a Vin already and couldn't be more excited!

sharkbyte119 | 16. heinäkuu 2018

Got first call today from Tesla and I'm also in bay area. First contact from Tesla but no VIN only reaching out

mike_f | 16. heinäkuu 2018

Call but no VIN and Diego scheduled delivery at Fremont July 20 or 21. This is "base" LR RWD with no auto pilot features which is totally fine. Will be out of area and will try to schedule for Rocklin end of next week, lets see how it goes. This car is actually for friends that used one of my reservations, the car is registered in their names but have to transfer VIN (once I have it) to their Tesla account.
My car is a Perf M3 Red/white will all bells and whistles, now its MY turn to sweat.

Hashtag | 16. heinäkuu 2018

@akuztikz you’re welcome!!! Welcome to the club!!!!

Hashtag | 16. heinäkuu 2018

The First Production Club!!!! yeeeaaahhhh

hughbie | 16. heinäkuu 2018

Also a N. CA customer, but my ISA is in Chicago. Email first, then phone from a 331 area code.