"Delivery Hell" at Charlotte NC

"Delivery Hell" at Charlotte NC

Configured vehicle in May. Arrived in Mathews, NC two weeks ago and still cannot pickup the vehicle even though its paid for. Paid $57500.00 on vehicle; paying interest on the loan and still can't get it delivered. Thought getting the car would be a good experience, but it is "Delivery Hell".

sbeggs | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Oh, no! What are they telling you?

spgraff | 20. heinäkuu 2018

The latest delivery date is set for next Wednesday, but it is subject to be extended again.
They keep dangling the carrot.
Don't have very high confidence they will delivery on this date either.

spgraff | 20. heinäkuu 2018

People that either promised delivery or transfered me to someone else.
People involved with "Delivery Hell":
Also, Mathews, NC Service/Sales People talked to on phone multiple times with contradictory delivery statuses after being on hold each time for about an hour.

jon | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Are they giving a reason for the delays?

Resrch03 | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Sorry for your delivery delay, but it's probably not appropriate to be posting the email addresses of individual employees out of frustration.

dmitriyM3 | 20. heinäkuu 2018

One thing I don't understand is how did you already pay for the vehicle? Did Tesla cash the check already? Doesn't financial transaction take effect once you get your vehicle?

spgraff | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Easy for you to say!

spgraff | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Yes, had to pre-pay for vehicle before they would deliver it to me. I objected, but thats the way they roll in NC.. Apparently, they are not allowed to make transactions at their showroom/service facility in Mathews, NC. I had to FedEx a cashiers check to remote location first. Truely "Delivery Hell".

dmitriyM3 | 20. heinäkuu 2018

I see - I'd be upset as well. I would say you are entitled to at least a loaner in this case given they collected the payment already. See if they can give you the loaner granted the situation. Hang in there though. The car does worth the trouble after all the "hell".

Magic 8 Ball | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Bummer, reminds me of Xmas when I was a kid. Dad would play all sorts of games before we were allowed to open presents. Thinking back on all those teases made the stories more colorful. Sucked while it was happening but in retrospect it makes telling the story better.

Hang in there, it will happen!

spgraff | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Thank you for compassion. Hope you are right, but right now I hate Tesla.

Middledawg | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Ever heard of the pig in the python? Baby Boomers know all about it because we experienced the phenomenon our entire lives. They call us boomers because our parents returned from WWII, married their sweethearts and got busy in an era where effective birth control didn't exist. The end result was us coming into the world by the tens of millions every year. To put it mildly, we changed the system.

First there was an obstetrician/hospital bed shortage to bring us into the world. Then a shortage of pediatricians to treat our sniffles, whooping cough and measles (no vaccines back then). Next, we overwhelmed the public school systems forcing higher expenditures to build new schools. Then we overwhelmed the existing college infrastructure. Next, we entered a job market where there weren't enough jobs available for us. On and on throughout our lives.

The same thing is happening to Tesla. First, they had to build the factory capacity to make enough M3s to satisfy demand that was twice what the most internal forecasts predicted at Tesla. They've about got the production problem licked. Next up: getting those cars to you. Tesla's existing delivery system, like public schools, is slammed. That's the core reason behind all this. It's also why Tesla is currently advertising and filling around 1,000 new delivery specialist jobs to accommodate you.

Frustrating, I know. I've known this my entire life. It will end just as production hell ended. If you're a pioneer you're going to catch some arrows -- both the maker and buyer. However, it will all work out in the end.

spgraff | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Appreciate your well thought out perspective. Do fill better with all the comments.
As for arrows I have been catching them when I tell people I power my home with solar panels. They assume I wasted my money. Catching arrows when I tell people I grow a lot of my own food with hydroponics and LED lighting. They assume I am really growing pot. Can't win!!!

dmitriyM3 | 20. heinäkuu 2018

@spgraff - I am not trying to defend Tesla, just highlight the part that probably NC doesn't seem to make it any easier for them by forcing to jump through extra hoops. Hence my surprise you had to pre-pay. Here in NY transaction took place at the SC upon delivery. I only ACHed downpayment the night before.

In any case you its not an excuse & you have a reason to be upset. Hope it all works out for you soon!

Magic 8 Ball | 20. heinäkuu 2018

@dmm1240 Nice story. My great grandparents were taken by Nazis and murdered. That sucked!

First world problems, and the way the "me" generation is reacting to them, is pathetic.

Next thread will be: How do I escalate my outrage.

gadget63 | 20. heinäkuu 2018

I don't understand. Except for the 1,000.00 deposit, the 2,500.00 additional deposit upon configuring, I didn't pay another dime until I picked up the vehicle. I paid by bank check the remaining amount and I wasn't even asked for the money until after the orientation was over. I picked mine up in Georgia

RedPillSucks | 20. heinäkuu 2018

@gadget63 this probably differs by state based on how "Tesla Friendly" the state legislature is.
NC is weird. I think the legislature is punishing Charlotte because of HB2. The Raleigh SC doesn't seem to have the same issues (at least, I hope so. That's where I'll pick up mine)

djharrington | 20. heinäkuu 2018

@spgraff, sorry to hear this. It could happen to any of us in Tesla-hostile states. Like NC, we also have to make final payment before they will ship to us in NM. Things went perfect with my S (but they’d already made/delivered 100,000 of them). With my 3, they found things that held up delivery, but they found them long before I made final payment so I wasn’t stuck in your situation. I know it’s of little consolation, but hang in there. You’ve done the hardest waiting. My fingers are crossed for a swift and satisfying finish to your predicament.

laniac | 20. heinäkuu 2018

It must be state specific. Delivery was quick, efficient, and without delay the Fremont delivery center. of course, have the delivery location a very short drive from the factory makes it easy.

sbeggs | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Cool, I'm doing hydroponics, too. What are your crops? I grow romaine, herbs, peppers with LEDs, Kratky, in solarium. Plus three Aerogardens.

TexasBob | 20. heinäkuu 2018

@spgraff - Know exactly how you feel (TX also one of those pay-before-it-is-shipped states). This stupid state laws are something Tesla cannot manage but the lousy communications during the delivery process is something they CAN and SHOULD fix. My vehicle was en route, then still in california, then in el paso, then at the service center all within 24 hours because they had no clue where it was.

FWIW, the car is worth the aggravation, but our friends in Fremont need to fix this part of the process. It is ridiculous. And, BTW, they *do* have the ability to check the vehicle's whereabouts any time via the vehicle's GPS.

spgraff | 20. heinäkuu 2018

How nice for you. It sucks in Mathews, NC.

spgraff | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Just so you know, i live in SC and there is no way you can take delivery in this state. You have to go either to Mathews, NC or Atlanta, GA to take (so-called) delievery.

spgraff | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Yes, exactly. I am experiencing the same thing in North Carolina.
They tell you one thing, you get excited its here, then you find out later its not here.
They tell you its ready for delivery and then they tell you its not ready.
Then they tell you later they will ship it to your house because you live over 160 miles away and it will take 7 days. Then you find out later it will take 14 days.

I decided to go there because I don't believe them about shipping to my home.

Now they told me definitely next Wednesday I can pick it up in Mathews. What usually happens I will call the day before to confirm (because I do not trust them) scheduled delivery the next day and they tell me it will be delayed again.

Magic 8 Ball | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Delays can happen at anytime for any reason. I.E. a transport truck can get in a wreck an hour before your delivery. There are a lot of folks involved in transport and delivery. Sand storms in AZ ect. can create major delays and weather prediction is still far from perfect. There are a lot of reasons for delays and while it is technically possible for folks to locate the car via GPS it does not help the customer to know where the car is. Although TESLA is good they cannot predict if that transport truck will get in a wreck.

antong42 | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Hi @spgraff,

I had the same horrible experience at the Fremont Delivery Center, here in CA today.

Timeline of events:

- Received the email confirmation from my DS about my delivery for Friday, July 20th @ 11:00am.
- Arrived at delivery center and checked in around 10:55am.
- Sat in waiting room until 11:30am, heard customers say that the Delivery Schedule was on time.
- Around 11:40am went to inquire at the Check in station to see if my information had been submitted properly and the employee stated that Tesla was using a new check in system and the system was buggy (my info. had not been captured).
- Was advised by the check in employee to go back inside and inquire.
- Around 11:45am inquired about my reservation and was asked if I was at the right location because my name was not showing on their system.
- A guy name Martin overheard and offered to assist. Waited for about 20 mins. for Martin to return and was informed
that my car was not in Fremont.
- There had been a communication mix up with the delivery of my car to the Fremont Delivery Center and someone sent it back to San Francisco.
- Asked Martin to double check to see if my car was in the San Francisco and what would be the earliest that I could pick it up?
- Martin returned after another 20 mins. and said I could pick it up at 6 pm, right in the middle of rush hour (which I was hoping to avoid). I was also informed that the Tesla Team in San Francisco was smaller and may not have the capacity to deliver my car sooner.
- Got the name of the Delivery Operations Lead and was hoping that he would come and at least apologize for the mix up and Martin stated "he isn't just sitting in the back doing nothing"
- Googled the name of the Delivery Operations Lead and noticed that he did come out to the showroom 3 times, but spoke to someone and even looked my, but never stop by.
- I left the Fremont Delivery Center at 1:15pm, depressed, mentally drained and somewhat at a loss for words. It was like I had been through the process of purchasing a ICE car.
- Will be in contact w/ my DS to set up a new delivery day/time in Fremont (If I decide to purchase the car). Loan has been funded (Tesla has the check and the lien to my car has also been paid).

I really believe in the Tesla Vision, but if his employees don't have the capacity to own up to their errors and learn how to accommodate customers they have inconvenienced, this fanboy, who was a Day 2 reservationist, may have to take his passion for the EV revolution else where.

I post this with the intent to inform and ask for some advice on my next steps.

oneadam | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Mine will also be delivered to Matthews. You have me a bit worried now. :(

TexasBob | 20. heinäkuu 2018

@8 Ball: "Delays can happen at anytime for any reason....There are a lot of reasons for delays and while it is technically possible for folks to locate the car via GPS it does not help the customer to know where the car is..."

This is a) missing the point and b) wrong. It is missing the point because Tesla can and should be able to keep you up to date on the status of YOUR car. The OP has already paid for this vehicle for goodness sake. Second, it is often *very* helpful to have an early heads up on where the car is located. It gives you a chance to reschedule time off work or to rearrange travel plans (which i had to do) or reschedule a meeting. No one is asking Tesla to be perfect or have no delivery delays, but a proper and frequent communication would be extremely valuable. I am sure OP would not be (justifiably) fuming if Tesla did something like the following via Text:

Day 1: Your vehicle is loaded in fremont and awaiting transport
Day 2: Your vehicle is in transport and located in Barstow. We expect delivery to NC on Day 7 and it will take 2-4 days for final prep. As of now we are scheduled for delivery on Day 11 at 9 am. If you would like to change the delivery time please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx
Day 3: Your vehicle is now in Topeka (or whatever)
Day 6: Your transporter has encountered mechanical delays in Knoxville and we now expect the vehicle to be in NC on Day 9. We are sorry for the delay. We will do our best to maintain the original delivery time but there may be a delay of 1-2 days. If you would like to reschedule please call us at...

Day 11 You vehicle has arrived and is in the queue for pre-delivery detailing.
Day 12 We regret to inform you that we found that your center screen has been cracked during transport. We are going to air-freight a new screen and replace it. We would like to reschedule your delivery for sometime after Day 16. Please call us at .... to choose a convenient time. Again we apologize for the delay.

See how that works? Keeping the customer informed allows the customer to organize around the unforeseen circumstances. Keeping the customer in the dark makes him angry and causes him to vent on public forums like this one.

BTW, as my other post indicated earlier this week, this is exactly the sort of outstanding communication I got from the Service Center. So they know *how* to do this.

Magic 8 Ball | 20. heinäkuu 2018

@TexasBob I respectfully disagree. No matter how good and current the information it will do nothing to help the customer set realistic expectations. In fact is it becomes a liability. If I call every hour to find out where my car is or if TESLA calls me with status updates all the time. It still does not help me prepare for that transport wreck that takes place right before delivery.

The unrealistic customers will say yeah I got all these status reports so they set up my expectations with very high confidence, because of the reports, but they didn't deliver. Blamers will just look for reasons to blame. See how that works?

These missed delay stories are overblown into being a big problem that TESLA has to deal with. Can you tell me how many of the over 50,000 delivered were delayed and dealt with poor, unsatisfactory, communication? Everyone has uncommon issues and until you can provide some real statistical data to show this even an issue worth blinking an eye at I am nowhere close to thinking the sky is falling.

I feel bad for those poor overpaid customer reps that are showered with gifts from overapprecative customers, all day long. They should require them to go to therapy training to deal with customers that meltdown on them when bad news is delivered.

carlgo2 | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Whenever you get something expensive the Gods will exact some sort of toll. Accept it humbly and thank them for not making it worse, as they can and will do if you are not deserving.

Advice? Have them call you when the car is ready, then go get it. Don't go a minute early lest you get emotionally drained. Don't expect anything more than to get your car. Thank the staff for dealing with the issue.

Magic 8 Ball | 20. heinäkuu 2018

@TexasBob It is not TESLA's fault the state requires advance payment so TESLA should not be obligated to provide any special treatment for those that are required to pay in advance.

I thought you knew that and recognized that so I don't see why you are trying to bring "paid in advance" into the discussion. it has no relevance at all.

creativeguy | 20. heinäkuu 2018

op should move to California. Better than NC in Soooooooo many ways!

Flanmansd | 20. heinäkuu 2018

yep OP, come on out. Plenty of room with all these people leaving the great state of CA because it is Soooooooooooo much better in many ways! :^)

Magic 8 Ball | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Yep, stay away. Losers are leaving the state by 10's and 20's winners are taking their place by the hundreds. No room for losers.

Bighorn | 20. heinäkuu 2018

Paying the loan without the car is of no financial consequence. A lease would be another matter.

spgraff | 21. heinäkuu 2018

Growing romaine, butter crunch lettuce and basil in hydroponics.

spgraff | 21. heinäkuu 2018

Can't lease a model 3. $900.00 payment per month for nothing may not be of consequence to you, but it is to me.

spgraff | 21. heinäkuu 2018

@Magic 8 Ball
Paying on a loan and get nothing was not part of the deal. To date, it looks like it is indefinite then that is a concern.

spgraff | 21. heinäkuu 2018


I should have got mine in GA instead of NC. Anyone in SC getting the car, go to GA to pick it up.

dd.micsol | 21. heinäkuu 2018

The problem is the state you live in. Get out of NC-it sucks.

samuelbarthelemy | 21. heinäkuu 2018

I am in NC, scheduled to pick up from Raleigh on the 10th of August. So far everything has been pretty smooth. I'll let you all know if I run into problems.

Magic 8 Ball | 21. heinäkuu 2018

@spgraff No one put a gun to anyone's head to buy a car in a state that is TESLA unfriendly (law wise) and no one put a gun to anyone's head to take out a loan. The risk is all on the buyer.

Delays can happen at any time for any reason.

TESLA should not have to take on a burden for however people decide to pay and when they decide to borrow money. The delays are often out of TESLA's control (I.E. weather).

843TM3 | 21. heinäkuu 2018

@spgraff What part of Sout Carolina are you coming from? What color are you getting?

circleo12 | 21. heinäkuu 2018

I'm in SC, and I put down to pick mine up in Charlotte, NC. As far as I can tell, there is nowhere to change the pickup location, now.

Sounds like I'm in for a "great experience" if this holds true...

spgraff | 22. heinäkuu 2018

@Magic 8 Ball
Risk is on buyer. Fault is with Tesla and NC.

Magic 8 Ball | 22. heinäkuu 2018

@spagraff Buyer accepted the terms, known upfront, and takes on the responsibility.

If there are no contracts that put responsibility on TESLA then all the is a blamer. Blamers suck.

Magic 8 Ball | 22. heinäkuu 2018

Correction: If there are no contracts that put responsibility on TESLA then the buyer is nothing more than a blamer.

Blamers suck.

SalisburySam | 22. heinäkuu 2018

To s-graffiti: I regret your delivery experience was far less than anticipated. I picked up my new Model 3 on July 19, 2018, the day before your first post. My experience at Matthews was excellent. Car was in perfect condition, charged to 275 miles, our phones and key cards were quickly set up, and we had a brief tutorial of the major items we’d need to drive safely home. The only paperwork we had to signed was actual receipt of delivery. That said, I had completed every item the website and my ISA requested well ahead of delivery, and my final payment sucked out of my checking account a couple of days before delivery.

North Carolina is indeed Tesla- (and all EV’s-) unfriendly. There is no state rebate, all vehicles are subject to a state personal property tax, and every EV is charged a $130 annual fee during registration. This last is presumably because EVers don’t pay gasoline taxes for roads maintenance.

spgraff | 22. heinäkuu 2018

We will see if they come through on Wednesday (little confidence based on past experience). Will call day before to make sure car is really there..

spgraff | 22. heinäkuu 2018

@Magic 8 Ball
You really don't know anything Go sell crazy someplace else.