Modern Spare Tire

Modern Spare Tire


Has anyone purchased or used the Tesla spare tire sold by Modern Spare Tire? Looking to carry a spare tire for long distance trips that will be outside the range of Tesla service. Not real happy with the current trend to eliminate spare tires. I now carry an electric air pump and old fashion tire repair kit. Already had to use it once on my 2017 MB GLE. Even with the kit, if you rip the tire or puncture a sidewall, you're going to need a spare.

dsteal | 25. heinäkuu 2018

+1. Not a fan of eliminating the spare tire either. It started with cars that have runflats where the claim is that you don't need the spare tire. Now we don't have a spare even with non-runflats.

Don't know about Modern Spare Tire. But I'm interested also.

bill | 25. heinäkuu 2018

If you kept your hands on the wheel in AP you would not run over nails! :) :)

Yodrak. | 25. heinäkuu 2018

It looks very interesting. I'll be interested to read reports by early adopters.

SCCRENDO | 25. heinäkuu 2018

I have a classic Model S. Vin 77xx, April 2013, 144,000 miles. After 2 tows at around 14000 miles for flat tires within a 6 week period my wife insisted on me carrying a full size spare in the frunk. I used it once since when I had a slow leak and needed it once since when I got a screw in a tire in the car pool lane on the freeway with a rapid tire deflation. I got to a Lexus dealership just off the freeway They knew me as I had previously owned a Lexus and put on my spare for me free of charge. My wife has driven the car for the last 10000 miles and still carries the spare.The new Model s does not have space in the frunk and I am not sure I would carry a spare in the trunk. I have a Model 3 now, vin30xx, 14000 miles. I carry a Tesla air compressor with goop. Have not used it on my Model 3 yet but I do not carry a spare. Some people carry fix a flat but I am not sure I would know how to use it.

tes-s | 25. heinäkuu 2018

Full size spare in garage. Compressor and plug kit in car. AAA and Visa cards in wallet.

scotttballard | 12. elokuu 2018

I purchased the "Modern Spares" full kit for the Model S and tested it today. It works fine, good quality tools, brake caliper clearance, and everything you need to make the change in one kit. It fits in the frunk of my 2013 RWD Model S. I recommend it and getting the carry case too, it's very handy (worth the extra $40). Wish I could post photos for demonstration.

pnajar | 12. elokuu 2018

Just remember by putting a stiff wheel in the frunk you will change the characteristics of the great Tesla crush zone in an accident. In later models unless you secure the spare in the trunk it’s a one heck of a heavy projectile in an accident.

mike.webdesign0519 | 13. elokuu 2018

Yes, you'll get your money's worth. Also bought the same spare and so far the best doughnut I have seen

hyyeh | 08. huhtikuu 2019

has anyone actually tried installing this on their model X rear wheel locations ?
I purchased -
and yesterday had a flat and tried to put on the spare. However, as I was tightening the nuts I could see the inner rim surface pressing against the brake caliper. Further tightening would have caused some damage.

Wonder if this is a case of bad product spec, or if I received the wrong item in my order.

Thanks! | 08. huhtikuu 2019

Your link leads to a product for the Model S not the Model X. Not surprised it doesn't install properly if that is the one you bought.

Mitchlevison | 08. huhtikuu 2019

Is the Tesla S wheel/rim different from ICE spares? Many cars in Junk yd used to have spare tires. Some full size and some donuts ( tire and/ or Krispy Cream). Is there a common tire lug pattern and offset that is same as Tesla??

hyyeh | 08. huhtikuu 2019

Sorry, I copy pasted wrong, but per my order it was a "2015-2018 Tesla Model X Spare Tire (Wheel & Tire Only)" purchase.

Would hope to hear back from anyone who has purchased that and installed it so I have better context going back to Modern Spares. Hope it's just my order being mistakenly handled.

hyyeh | 08. huhtikuu 2019

Ok, Model X owners. I contacted Modern Spare and they were great at responding promptly:

[tl;dr: you need a spacer, so if you are ordering one, make sure it's included]

"My name is Matt. I saw your email come in this weekend and have been diving in doing more research on the nature of the fitment problem.
We are very sorry to hear about this and your situation. Although we went through extensive testing on the Model X for wheel fitment, it appears that Tesla made some slight variances in the rear calipers that were not obvious to us during our testing. In other words, Tesla made some modifications to the rear brakes compared to our test vehicle. To fix this, we are going to send out a wheel spacer that will allow for the needed clearance on the back wheel installation. This is an accessory that we have available for other car models with similar brakes and it has proven to work very well."

tony | 22. toukokuu 2019

Got my Modern Spare today for my Model 3 and it was way nicer than I expected. Included in sturdy carry case was a really nice looking tire and wheel, scissor jack with ratchet for easy lifting, lugs, a telescoping lug wrench, two different sockets and an end wrench to remove a nut that sometimes Tesla forgets to remove from the calipers during manufacturing. Everything is top notch, not the crap that normally comes with a car. Also included are very detailed instructions specific to my Model 3 which is a very nice touch. I would strongly recommend this product.