What is a good per kW price?

What is a good per kW price?

Hi all-

I received a quote from a solar company using the Panasonic N330 panels at a price of $3.00/w (so $9,900 for a 3.3kW system) before the federal tax credit. Sounds like a decent price, doesn't it?

jurmanji | 01. elokuu 2018

I'm using energy sage so far and the quotes are all around 2.75-2.85 per watt

scottman | 01. elokuu 2018

Assuming that is before the tax incentives? May I ask which state?

patrick40363 | 01. elokuu 2018

Your price is good compared to where I live. It is $3.50 watt here. Northern CA.

jurmanji | 07. elokuu 2018


rielley | 07. joulukuu 2018

$3.05 per watt installed, NC, using EnergySage. Feb 2018.

sschaem | 07. joulukuu 2018

Tesla charges $4.2 in Sacramento using the same Panasonic panels.

Price can be more if you need a panel upgrade.

So you pay a premium for the Tesla warranty...
Also Tesla energy is in shamble right now and it took me 4 month to get to the install stage.

So patience and a little hands on work might be required. (Tesla doesn't have the best relationship with local utilities )

But at least in my case, the panel installation crew did a near perfect job and where very professional and friendly.

PFP | 10. joulukuu 2018

I am in TX and the price I was quoted was $3.20 per watt for the Hanwha panels (Black with lines). After the price cut last month they are now $2.99 a watt installed and they adjusted my contract price as the system isn't up yet. It is scheduled for next week. If it happens, that is 2.5 months.
For the Panasonic panels, it would have been a 15¢ premium per watt at $3.35