IDA Assignment

IDA Assignment

I'm scheduled to take delivery this Saturday (8/14) and I'm curious to know if I will get an IDA assigned to me. If so, when should I expect to hear from him/her? How many days before delivery did an IDA reach out to you?

I have my full MVPA available and I signed it via DocuSign, as requested by Tesla (even though my account still states: We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment"). Every since signing, my ISA went MIA and I haven't heard from I have emailed him a couple of times now with no response.

With my car not even at my SC yet, I'm starting to get a little nervous that there will be a delay in getting my Model 3 on Saturday.


Magic 8 Ball | 14. elokuu 2018

If you have an appointment just show up. No one reached out to us after our appointment was set.

japhule | 14. elokuu 2018

Once I confirmed my appointment, the last email from my ISA said something to the effect of "if you don't hear from us prior to your delivery date, expect it to be ready on that day." In any case, I called the SC the day before to confirm things were a go. They were able to confirm that the car would be ready for me the next day and it was.

Yorktown2018 | 14. elokuu 2018

It arrived today and I was able to see it in person! :D

Tyerc | 24. heinäkuu 2019

My delivery specialist didn’t contact me before delivery, I had been in touch with the SC prior as I was making a special trip back to the location where delivery would occur. I did confirm that the car was at the SC several days prior as I didn’t want to make the special trip if the car wasn’t at the SC. Prior to delivery I spoke with the SC several times. Once they had my order mixed up with someone else ( the email they used wasn’t mine) so I got the impression that the SC may be under staffed. I will say that all the staff members of the SC I have been in contact with have been very helpful and attentive. IMO, Tesla has created a very different car from anything I’ve owned in the past and it takes an different approach by the owner to appreciate and understand it. I commend them for the engineering that’s gone into this product.

jimglas | 06. elokuu 2019

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