1.21.0 App Update Changed Energy Usage Graph Metrics

1.21.0 App Update Changed Energy Usage Graph Metrics

I recently updated my Tesla app to the 1.21.0 version and later realized that the weekly and monthly graphs for my Powerwall setup are now measured in MWh as opposed to KWh. My solar system typically generates somewhere in the 50-70 KWh range during the summer. So now on the weekly graph if I generate 60 Kwh in a day, it shows up on the graph as just under 0.1 MWh and if I generate 10 KWh on a rainy day it shows up in between 0 and 0.1 MWh. I can't understand why they would switch to MWh from KWh as it basically makes the weekly and monthly graphs useless as tool to monitor your system.

Before this update, I was able to monitor what the batteries were doing to the KWh and now this change has reduced that visibility down to a very high-level estimate. For the past week, it's showing solar generation as 0.4 MWh. I just don't understand why they would make this kind of change for residential use cases that probably aren't generating more than 1-2 MWh per month. Does anybody that has home solar and powerwalls find this new measuring by MWh useful? I called Tesla support and the lady didn't have much to offer other than she'd put in a request but she said they made this change because other customers had requested it to show MWh. Can you guys help me understand why someone would want this change?

Thanks in advance!

andrew | 29. elokuu 2018

The units changed a few months back. Silly change , bring back kWh.