$28 Check From Tesla

$28 Check From Tesla

This morning I received a check from Tesla in the amount of $28. No explanation with the check. I honestly don't have any clue as to why I received this. I've never used a Supercharger.
Any ideas?

RES IPSA | 17. syyskuu 2018

Always nice to get money back from a company. Strange to me that there is no brief statement on the memo line or reference line of the check. I get random checks from my insurance company from time to time, but there is always a letter that explains what it is regarding.

Maybe Tesla miscalculated your taxes or others fees associated with the purchase of the car?

In any regard, it is nice to see they sent you a check for whatever mistake may have been made.

The other explanation is that they sent you the money by mistake.

mkrueger3 | 17. syyskuu 2018

I agree with EV Neophyte. I've received checks from car dealers in the past for overpayment of registration fees.

RES IPSA | 17. syyskuu 2018

@HWF... What state did you purchase your car in?

Xerogas | 17. syyskuu 2018

@HWF: they’re paying back your reservation cancellation in installments :)

Xerogas | 17. syyskuu 2018

@HWF: did you buy a wireless charger for your phone? After they sold out at $79, they re-issued them at $49 and said they would refund early adopters the difference.

jwat14 | 17. syyskuu 2018

@HWF - I received mine on Saturday, but it was for $14.00. I have no idea what it's for and I refuse to sit on hold to try to find out. I am using my mobile banking app to deposit it - case closed. I presume that it's related to an overcharge for something and we'll receive an explanation at some point. Do you have one Tesla vehicle or two?

HWF | 17. syyskuu 2018

Thanks, all, for your suggestions. I'm in NJ, The only things I ever bought from Tesla are the Wall Connector, and the aero wheel kit for $50. I have only one Tesla.
Oh well, it's better than receiving an unexplained bill.