Buying a Tesla in Vermont

Buying a Tesla in Vermont

I'm considering purchasing a Tesla vehicle, here are some of the questions I'd like help with:

1. Distance from purchase: I live in Vermont, and we don't currently have a showroom for Tesla Motors in the state, so I would have to either go to one of the Boston area showrooms or Quebec, funnily enough the Quebec showroom is actually closer to me (2 hrs away vs 2.5hrs away for MA showrooms). Will this be a issue for pickup/delivery? Also How is service affected by this? Also are there any show rooms closer I haven't found? (Checked Tesla website and assumed it was up to date with all locations).

2. Phantom Drain: Especially during the winter this is a consideration for me. Currently the longest semi-regular trip is 100mi round trip and probably 5 mi of driving around town with 4-7 stops taking around 6 hrs. Would a LR model 3 or 100kwh s/x make this trip w/o charging in town? (There is a super charger there so I could always top up)

3. Tax rebates: Vermont is a ZHEV state, but currently doesn't offer incentives directly, the electric utilities here have a few rebates from what I've seen so far, anyone know of anything else in the Vermont area to help EV adoption? I already know about the $7,500 federal income tax rebate and the possible, and the various incentives given by the Electric Utilities in the area, I'm just looking for some other ideas on that front. Also what's this thing about the "hummer tax loop-hole" for Model X?

I'm about 40 minutes from the Interstate, so I'll skip the Autopilot self driving packages as it seems like currently it only helps on the Interstate. I will probably install either a NEMA 6-50 outlet or a dedicated charger pretty soon after delivery. Also I think it would help to pull the trigger on the purchase to go get a test drive at some point to convince the (others), again, do we have to go all the way to one of the show rooms? (2+ hrs away).

I want a Tesla.
Showrooms closer to VT than Quebec/Botson?
Phantom drain during the winter for 100mi round trip with 5mi of driving at location?
Tax rebates other than the $7,500 federal one?
How to convince people EVs are viable/Tesla isn't "mainstream enough yet"

Wall text over, thanks for reading

Rocky_H | 19. syyskuu 2018

Regarding 1, I think perhaps you're confining your thinking to a box too much. You're thinking that everything has to be done at a store. I live in Idaho. There is no Tesla presence in my state, and the nearest store or service center is still 340 miles away from me. I placed my order online before I had ever gotten to see a Tesla store. They delivered it right to my house. Service is taken care of by a remote mobile service technician who comes to my house or work. So some distance away from Tesla sites shouldn't be much trouble, and most of Vermont is reasonably close to a Tesla site.

Regarding 2, I always play trips a little bit by ear. With that trip you mention, you said there is a Supercharger in that city you're going to, so what difference does it make if you think you should do it all in one charge or not. Go there, drive around how you want, and then just check if you need to top up for 10 or 15 minutes before heading back home. You seem to be overthinking a little. If you're going to where Superchargers are still around, you don't really need to pre-plan like that. I didn't pre-plan my 5,000 mile trip across the country.

Yeah, 6-50 would be a good easy installation that would work great.

henry | 19. syyskuu 2018

I live in VT and been driving a Tesla as my daily driver since early 2011. It’s been a fabulous experience.
1. You don’t need a store. If you need a test drive there’s plenty of locals that like to show off their cars. I think there is an EV demo day in Jericho this weekend. Another one in Thetford on September 30. They will be offering test drives.
2. You will use more energy in the winter due to higher air density, the need to keep your battery warm, snow and snow tires, and cabin heat. On the worst days I get 30% less range (20 deg below zero).
3. You get a $1.00 discount when you register your Tesla. Other than that it’s federal 7500.

Your 100 mi commute is easy to do any time of year. All Model S and X are awd (if new). We’re taking delivery of a dual motor (awd) Model 3 this week. We expect it to be a very practical VT car.

BTW Tesla has mobile service techs in VT, so they are in VT, just no stores. They are also talking about opening a service center near Burlington.

PS I don’t normally follow this forum but if you have questions you can find more Vermonters on

Yodrak. | 19. syyskuu 2018

"I will probably install either a NEMA 6-50 outlet or a dedicated charger pretty soon after delivery."

Put in a NEMA 14-50 outlet, more versatile. The charger is in the car, you'll be putting in an EVSE and many of them can be plugged directly into a 14-50 outlet.

marcbolh | 29. toukokuu 2019

I live in Burlington, Vermont. I visited the Montreal showroom and was told Tesla would send a tech to me if needed or tow my Model S to a showroom if I couldn't drive it.

Then I hit a deer and managed to get the car back home. I asked Tesla for a tow and they said no. I spent a week trying to escalate to no avail. I explained I was looking at a $1,000 tow to Massachusettes. They said tough luck. I ended up driving to Montreal with Tesla part dragging along the highway.

Don't buy a Tesla in Vermont until they open a service center here.

marcbolh | 29. toukokuu 2019

I just found out Tesla does indeed offer mobile service in Vermont.

The incident I described in my prior post happened in 2016. It seems like service has improved considerably and as a result, I would like to delete the post. Does anybody know how?

I am very happy with my Model S and excited about mobile service in Vermont!