I need lessons on how to use my new 2018 Model S to its fullest capacity--settings, controls, navigation, etc.--including workarounds when the car doesn't operate as expected or when something goes wrong. It’s more of a computer on wheels than a car--for me the best and worst of both worlds--and I’m a bit scared to drive it. If I had someone to teach me about it, I think I’d feel more secure. I thought maybe forum members might be able to give me a referral. I'm in the Los Angeles area.

PBEndo | 19. syyskuu 2018
tezzie | 19. syyskuu 2018

Thank you. I've actually weeded my way through much of this, which is why I can even get in the car at all! :-o
Since I'm more of a kinesthetic learner, I learn better if someone shows me, and then I do it. Hence, the request for a Tesla teacher/mentor.

barrykmd | 19. syyskuu 2018

Bighorn's in CA. Wonder if he makes house calls.

Bill_75D | 19. syyskuu 2018

@tezzie - Ship your car to Phoenix and then take a plane or bus here. I'm retired and will spend as much time with you as you need until you are confident enough to drive your Tesla back home.

TesMD | 19. syyskuu 2018

I am sure one of owners in Los Angeles area would not mind doing a meet and greet and teach you all you need to know.

I would be more than happy to help if you are in OC area.

tezzie | 19. syyskuu 2018

@Bill_75D you're so cute!

PrescottRichard | 19. syyskuu 2018

Hey Bill, is that offer open to anyone :)

akikiki | 19. syyskuu 2018

tezzie, the North Cal Reno Tesla Club has a Co-pilot program that sounds like you could use. Here's a link to them.
And here's links to other CA clubs in case you need them.

And if you go over to TMC and look around - you will find about a dozen CA Tesla clubs with contacts and threads.

kerryglittle | 19. syyskuu 2018

My sales rep spent around two hours going over my car before I drove it home in the night in the middle of a bad thunderstorm. Guess how much I remembered from his tutorial? Zero. I didn't even know how to use the Nav. Good thing I was following my wife home in her truck or I would have been lost. I was a nervous wreck by the time I got home after two hours on the road. So best, or at least my advice. Try and learn one thing at a time before you move on to the next thing. Everything seems so simple now but at first its like going from a dial phone to the latest high tech iPhone. You will eventually get it all mastered. Just takes a bit of time. Just put your regen brakes on and drive it. The rest will come easy. Forum is a great learning tool also.

Ohmster | 19. syyskuu 2018

I'd be more than happy to help if we are in reasonable close proximity. I live in TO (Ventura County) and work in Van Nuys and West Hills.....

'17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 Bio 32.2/4. Grin on!

p.c.mcavoy | 20. syyskuu 2018

@tezzie - I'd be glad to help, but unless you're planning a roadtrip into the heart of the midwest, I'm probably not a very convenient option versus some of the other LA area folks that have already provided offers. A couple comments I would offer ...

There is no single set of optimum settings. Many of the settings are personal preference items. I prefer the sport steering feel, others prefer something more to the comfort side. I'm not right and their not wrong, just we have different preferences. Try a set, drive for a couple days, then start adjusting one or two at a time and you'll likely quickly find what fits your feel. Find a combo you really like, and bingo, that's the ideal!

If you have a tablet/iPad I highly recommend downloading the owners manual form your MyTesla account onto that device. Yes, the manual is in the car on the main screen, but when I'm trying to figure something out, I commonly find it really nice being able to actually sit in the car, be going through options on the main screen while I'm able to reference or follow along with the manual on the tablet. Otherwise I'm having to constantly jump back and forth which gets really, really, cumbersome.

Enjoy your new toy. Drive safely and have fun (no, those two are not contradictory states!).

Half Dollar Bill | 20. syyskuu 2018

This isn't meant as a bash, but no matter how much you give some people to read, it's performing the action that makes it real and lets it sink into their memory. I can point to that from personal experience for so many things in my life.
I've also met many folks at events and superchargers that have no idea about paired charging, the trip function on nav or other range issues like speed. For some of these, you need to experience them but for others, it's nice to have someone to talk to non-judgmentally.
I've had conversations with other owners about having a Level 2 "class" where Tesla refers new owners to other willing owners in the area that are willing to spend time with new owners who want to learn about the functionality and capability of their car and the tricks to long-distance travel.
I wish you luck, @tezzie. Take comfort in knowing that you'll get the hang of it the more you drive it, and driving is sooo much fun!

NOLEK SUM | 20. syyskuu 2018

Now I've heard everything.

Anthony J. Parisio | 20. syyskuu 2018

I'd be more than happy to volunteer some time to teach a class for new owners in the Philadelphia area. Here is my Email:

txakoli | 20. syyskuu 2018

I have a 2014 S85. No AP. I live in Playa del Rey and would be more that willing to help, but I would take an offer from some one who has AP2. I would think that would be an important feature to learn.

txakoli | 20. syyskuu 2018


angeliicamaariane | 02. maaliskuu 2019

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Rachel McGeorge | 20. kesäkuu 2019

I already got the license, but I would love to try Tesla.

Madatgascar | 25. kesäkuu 2019

Just get comfortable with the gear shift lever and one pedal driving first. Once you have that, everything else is fluff. The big displays can be intimidating but you don’t need them. When I taught my son to drive it, I told him to disregard the displays entirely. They can go dead and you would be fine.
“Even the speedometer?”
“We live in LA, just go with the traffic. I haven’t checked my speedometer in 25 years.”

ericaker | 27. kesäkuu 2019

I have S90D. I went to Bob Bondurant ( ) school for high performance driving in Chandler Arizona. Good to learn how to drive high performance cars, they provide Dodge Hellcat for the 3 day class. I got to drive on skid pad and 3 different race courses.

Lots of time spent on safety, and how to get into and out of skids. I am now a much better driver with over 500 HP. It is fun to go 0 to 105 mph and back to 0. I highly recommend it for new Tesla drivers. The instructors understood my concerns for safety with a high performance car.

How many have hit the brake really hard at 75 MPH and used the ABS breaks? I knew that my car had ABS but this was the first time I used it. GOOD learning experience.

Not cheap, but what is another 4 or $5K when you just spent 100K on a new car?

hialeahdrivingf... | 01. elokuu 2019

If you are living near Florida then these guys can help you, visit to learn proper driving skills that you needed especially for you to take care of your tesla.

Bighorn | 21. elokuu 2019

Funny that an owner can't start her own thread.

lilbean | 21. elokuu 2019


Mathew98 | 21. elokuu 2019

@BH - You assumed it was a female posting. It could be another one of Bernie's alias. Beyotch is still cray cray...

lilbean | 21. elokuu 2019

You have to ask what their preferred pronoun is. Ze?

jasonry2786 | 27. elokuu 2019

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