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Calendar App

I have a new model x, an android running pie, and use outlook for my mail and calendar app. I also have a Gmail account on my phone. I have synched the Tesla app with the car. When I bring up the calendar on the car it only shows the Gmail calendar. Does anyone know how to sync the outlook calendar? Thanks for any help on this. | 30. syyskuu 2018

You need to get a product to sync Outlook with the Google calendar. I use gSyncit, but I suspect there are others. Not free, but not that expensive either. Syncing is automatic and works both ways (i.e. changes to the Google calendar goes back into Outlook).

EVRider | 03. lokakuu 2018

You don’t need a third-party product to do this. The car will show whatever is in your phone’s calendar, so if you set up your phone to show your Outlook calendar entries, you’ll see them in the car too. For example, if you have an iPhone, go to your Outlook account settings and enable the calendar option. | 03. lokakuu 2018

@EVRider - I think the problem might be getting a PC's Outlook calendar into iPhone/Android - which is not automatic. You need some syncing software on the PC with Outlook to get the info into the phone's calendar. Maybe there is an Outlook phone app that does this too - but OP said he's using gmail on the phone.

You're right that once in the phone, it should sync with the car via Bluetooth. I think the Tesla app must be running on the phone as well.

Model3Webster | 15. lokakuu 2018

I was having similar trouble. I turned off my phone's wifi so the car and the phone weren't on the same wifi and now it's loading my complete calendar (all of them).

EVRider | 16. lokakuu 2018

@TeslaTap: You don’t necessarily need to sync calendars on a PC to get them on the phone — you can connect the phone directly to your Outlook account and enable calendar entries. There might be additional steps involved if the Outlook calendar is on a company intranet, but most phones support Outlook accounts directly.

Note that the car does not sync the calendar via Bluetooth — the mobile app sends your calendar data to the Tesla severs, and the car gets the data from there. To protect your privacy, the car will only display calendar data if the phone running the Tesla app is connected via Bluetooth. This is documented in the manual.

tsass | 17. huhtikuu 2019

Until recently, I had no problems with my Android calendar appearing on my Tesla model 3. However, my employer went to two-factor authorization for Office 365, which required use of the Outlook mobile app. The app properly shows all of my calendars (both my outlook calendar and my wife's shared iCloud calendar) on my Android phone. However, when I pair to my Tesla Model 3, the calendar on the Model 3 only shows entries that still appear on the original Android calendar (which can no longer sync with my Office 365 account). Is there any way to get the Tesla software to recognize the calendar in the Outlook mobile app, rather than the original Android calendar?

EVRider | 17. huhtikuu 2019

@tsass: I replied to your question about this in another thread, but in order to get the Outlook calendar to appear in the Tesla calendar, you need to sync the Outlook calendar with the Android calendar somehow. If Google doesn't support this, there are probably third-party utilities that do.