2018.39.6.1 downgraded to 2018.39.6 anyone??

2018.39.6.1 downgraded to 2018.39.6 anyone??

I was running 2018.39.6.1 with drive on nav feature until I got a notification to update. Upon update I was on 2018.39.6 and I don't see the drive on nav feature any more. Does it mean Tesla can send older version of software as a push update?

Anzir | 12. lokakuu 2018

Apparently so. You weren't meant to have 39.6.1.

jjgunn | 12. lokakuu 2018

Congrats. You were a Beta tester for a short while. Same thing happened to me with a previous version.

How's you like it?

girishfall2010 | 12. lokakuu 2018

I already miss the drive on nav. Easy to get used to it. But I can imagine its still pretty rough on edges so they don't want to take any chances... But reverting update defeats the purpose in my opinion. :(

Anzir | 13. lokakuu 2018

39.7 has been released so 39.6.1 is old anyway, just think of it like that. :)

Waldek | 13. lokakuu 2018

Same here I got 2018.39.6.1 and then like 2 hours later I got another notification about update but .37 was not yet out so I figured that they try to downgrade me.... I skipped the update and still enjoy 2018.39.6.1... navigate on autopilot still needs babysitted but is really nice feature already! Can’t wait when they smooth out edges and update it to be better :-) sorry to hear you got tricked into downgrade though.