Rear Camera white guide lines changed in v9

Rear Camera white guide lines changed in v9

Has anyone noticed that two things have changed for the rear camera image:

1. What used to be a full, rectangular screen image is now oval shaped. Annoying.

2. The backup guide lines image has changed. I've been backing my car into my garage using carefully laid tape on the floor to line up with the white lines in the camera image. The lines on the image are no longer "true," that is they are not straight relative to the car. I've had a hell of a time to make adjustments to how the car is positioned as I back in. It's just goofy.

art.brueggeman | 13. lokakuu 2018

Looking for comments

Bill_75D | 13. lokakuu 2018

I've always backed into parking spaces successfully. Yesterday my wife made fun of me twice for ending up crooked between the painted lines. Maybe you are on to something here.

lilbean | 13. lokakuu 2018


Yodrak. | 13. lokakuu 2018

"What used to be a full, rectangular screen image is now oval shaped."

Tesla has introduced the'fish eye' effect? Not good. One of the things that impressed me about the wide-angle view of Tesla's rearview camera was how little fish eye effect there was. | 13. lokakuu 2018

Been using V9 for a week and didn't notice any difference from before, but going out to my car right now, I do see what you're talking about. I expect we're seeing the actual camera image, where before it was doing some video modifications to stretch the corners to reduce the fisheye effect. I can't tell, but the new image may show a bit more of the rear, and better capture the far sides. I'd need to compare a v8.1 and v9 cars at the same location to be sure.

I just used the backup lines earlier today and the were spot on for some very close curb parking on a narrow street. I can't say if they are different or not for me. Seems close if not the same to me.

PBEndo | 13. lokakuu 2018

I didn't notice any difference in the last week but I still have one car on V8 so I will try a side-by-side tomorrow morning when it is light out.

NKYTA | 13. lokakuu 2018

Makes no nevermind in a 2012 car...until I rash a rim because it did change! ;-)

Seems the same.

Docbbc | 13. lokakuu 2018

Same experience as @Bill

Docbbc | 13. lokakuu 2018

Same experience as @Bill

freeewilly | 13. lokakuu 2018

I also agree the 'fish eye' effect is more noticeable now.

PBEndo | 14. lokakuu 2018

I tried a direct comparison since I have an S on 8 and an S on 9.
I put some painters tap on my driveway and garage door for reference and tried to line up the cars in exactly the same position using the tape. *Both cars had air suspension set on highest setting. *All comparisons were done at STP with a Hewlett-Packard 5710-A dual-column gas chromatograph with flame analyzation detectors. *Historical results do not guarantee future performance, tell your doctor if you've been to an area where fungal infections are likely, etc. blah, blah, blah.

In my comparison, it does appear the V9 has a wider angle more vertically than horizontally. It is also likely that the cameras are not aimed precisely on both cars skewing the results. The top and bottom markers are right at the edges of the screen in 9, but if I put the bottom at the edge in 8, the top was not visible. I circled some of the tape markers on the sides as they are hard to see in the pictures of the screen

p.c.mcavoy | 14. lokakuu 2018

I've also not noticed any difference in the 'straightness' of the white back-up lines. I back into spaces almost all of the time and not noticed any difference. I paid specific attention this morning leaving the house as the expansion joints in our driveway also make for very nice 'lane markings' when I back out and I again did not notice any difference or skew of the lines.

Yodrak. | 14. lokakuu 2018

Nice driveway!

And oh yeah, thanks for doing the comparison. 9 also seems to me to show a larger field of view vertically, and have less curvature at the top and bottom of the screen, than 8. Both seem to show the same width and have the same amount of curvature at the left and right edges.

edwardihsu | 30. tammikuu 2019

Camera lines are messed up. Have folks done this experiment like I did?

Tesla, when do we plan to fix this?

My sense is that either 1) You fix it via software, doing some basic calibrations, or 2) if you adjust the camera angle by changing the screw position of the camera mount.

vipsl | 01. helmikuu 2019

My back up camera stopped working. The back-up lines still function, but no photo. What to do????

Jesse K | 31. heinäkuu 2019

Have 2019 Raven Model X. I am searching for what to do about this topic (Rear Camera and Lines not Accurate). I hate to bog down a SC if this is just a matter of unscrewing the camera and tweaking it a bit. Any ideas? | 31. heinäkuu 2019

@Jesse - There is no adjustment on the camera. The lines are digitally controlled, and I expect there is a digital calibration process that is a bit off on your car. You may need to set up a service appointment.

When you say the lines are not accurate - in which way are they off and/or do you have another S/X to compare it with? I find the right line lines up within 6" or so on the right side tires.