Does anyone else find Elon Musk extremely attractive?

Does anyone else find Elon Musk extremely attractive?

Just saying.... hahaha

jimglas | 17. lokakuu 2018


lilbean | 17. lokakuu 2018

He’s adorable. I just wanna hug him!

Tropopause | 17. lokakuu 2018

Silver does...

Mike83 | 17. lokakuu 2018


carlk | 17. lokakuu 2018

Who wouldn't feel a billionaire nerd attractive.

T35LA | 17. lokakuu 2018

Not to me. I'm stright.

T35LA | 17. lokakuu 2018

ops ...

Hood7 | 17. lokakuu 2018

Polar.Alliance, are you actually Elon? Put down the doobie and stop looking at yourself in the mirror!

sbeggs | 17. lokakuu 2018

Um, no.

lar_lef | 17. lokakuu 2018

There is a Martian lass enamoured of him but EM does not requite her affection since she possesses protuberances in unaesthetic places and also bears an uncanny resemblance to the I-Pacer.

jimglas | 18. lokakuu 2018


Captain_Zap | 19. lokakuu 2018

Sorry, but no.

bryan.whitton | 20. lokakuu 2018

Yeah, but that many zeros to the left of the decimal point often has that affect.

Model - X | 20. lokakuu 2018

I'd tap that.

SCCRENDO | 20. lokakuu 2018

I would hang out with socially and I believe we could be great social buddies. But I am happily married and definitely prefer my wife.

Madatgascar | 20. lokakuu 2018

He has his good days and bad days. He definitely needs more “beauty sleep.”

Tesla2018 | 21. lokakuu 2018

Grimes must be secretly posting since her friends think Elon is too old for her and that she should be dating Pete Davidson now that him and Arianna Grande broke up. Polar alliance- meaning near north pole or Canada??

sp_tesla | 23. lokakuu 2018

"carlk | October 17, 2018
Who wouldn't feel a billionaire nerd attractive."

Is your much better half ok with that?

NOLEK SUM | 23. lokakuu 2018

Most of the site fanbois do, and lust over him.. They all sleep with anatomically correct blow up EM dolls. Can you guess where the where the blow up hole is?

NOLEK SUM | 23. lokakuu 2018

BTW, OP, your post - to even harbor the thought - speaks legions about YOU and YOUR GP. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that!

mos6507 | 24. lokakuu 2018

[They all sleep with anatomically correct blow up EM dolls.]

Sounds like carlk does just that.

Tesla-David | 25. lokakuu 2018

I admire EM because he wants to save the planet as evidenced by Tesla's mission statement "Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy." and Tesla believes the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better." The article linked below provides a great summary of why he is widely admired worldwide.

"Now Popular Mechanics has made an attempt to balance the “myopic and small-brained” attacks, with a collection of short essays entitled In Defense of Elon Musk. “Elon Musk is an engineer at heart, a tinkerer, a problem-solver - the kind of person Popular Mechanics has always championed,” write PM’s editors, “and the problems he’s trying to solve are hard. Really hard. He could find better ways to spend his money, that’s for sure. And yet there he is, trying to build gasless cars and build reusable rockets and build tunnels that make traffic go away. For all his faults and unpredictability, we need him out there doing that. We need people who have ideas. We need people who take risks.
“We need people who try.”

NOLEK SUM | 26. lokakuu 2018

“I admire EM because he wants to save the planet ...”

ROFLMAO. What a kool-aid drinker you are!