Why have I not gotten the Tesla V9 Update Yet?

Why have I not gotten the Tesla V9 Update Yet?

Has anyone else not gotten the V9 update yet?

I am getting scared.

2013 Tesla Model S 75kwh

barrykmd | 05. marraskuu 2018

You are lucky.

Toscanodev | 05. marraskuu 2018

Wish I was or I would have a Model X :(

PBEndo | 05. marraskuu 2018

Have you looked at the changes to see if you really want it? For a 2013 S, the improvements are modest and are mostly related to navigation. IF you don't use navigation often, you may prefer version 8.

DRFLGD | 05. marraskuu 2018

My condolences. V9.0 with 42.2 is great.

jsweet | 05. marraskuu 2018

I haven't gotten the update yet. They tell me it's my weak wifi signal. I have a 2016 75 kwh. My local Tesla "dealer" is no help. They have given me the following message several times: "Hi James, I see your update tried to come through 6 days ago again and is in WIFI delay again. You will need a good wifi connection to have the update perform successfully. That is what is interrupting the update at this time." Any suggestions?

jordanrichard | 05. marraskuu 2018

You haven't gotten it yet because you haven't gotten it yet.........

There are some 10,415 threads or postings on this same subject, after each and every major update. It has been this way for years.

Tldickerson | 05. marraskuu 2018

@jsweet, I would call it a blessing that you haven't received it yet. Someone upstairs is looking after you. A 2013 Tesla has nothing to gain with this latest update. If you had a 2017 or 2018 then it has some good things but many bad things too so just keep what you have and be happy.

Tldickerson | 05. marraskuu 2018

@Toscanodev, my above post was really meant for you.
@jsweet, your 2016 is like mine and this update will not help you either. Sorry for my error in the year of your car.

dborn | 05. marraskuu 2018

I received it on my 2014 car with AP1. Can’t say I really like it or that it is a
significant advance. For a car without AP1, you are not missing anything.

mvotb | 05. marraskuu 2018

Wanting V9 in a 2013, is tantamount to wanting to catch the flu. But I think we are getting our legs pulled.

sentabo | 05. marraskuu 2018

I don't think telling the OP he is lucky is beneficial to him. It sounds like he/she wants the update. The OP might like it. Some do, some don't.

Tldickerson | 05. marraskuu 2018

@sentabo, NO benefit to a older Tesla and you should know that.

NKYTA | 05. marraskuu 2018

@Tldickerson, opinions vary. You should know that.

Tldickerson | 05. marraskuu 2018

Very true and I do know their are some that just love updates.

sentabo | 05. marraskuu 2018

Well, that's true, I do like updates when I see an improvement. I did like this one. Since I have AP1 it was not a major update for me. I do like that I can change the size of the media app. And I always have had map on top and media on bottom, so the original V9 did not affect me negatively. To each his own, as they say.

stereoshopper | 05. marraskuu 2018

No such thing as a 2013 75. Only 60s and 85s were manufactured that year.

PeteB Lake Oswego | 20. marraskuu 2018

leave your car connected to a strong wifi for a few days (or overnights), and it'll update the nav maps. Maps are required before the car will update to v9