Cabin Filter replacement help

Cabin Filter replacement help

I can't seem to find any intruction to replace cabin filter for my Dec 2017 Model S. Is it require to remove glove compartment or from the frunk?

Silver2K | 08. marraskuu 2018


remove the top plastic piece (windshield side) and you should see the back side of the filter

ktslab | 08. marraskuu 2018

Can you buy the cabin filter on the market? I'm interested in replacing the cabin filter myself instead of letting Tesla replace it at annual service.

tomphamwd | 08. marraskuu 2018

Thanks Silver2K. Also, replacement filter can purchase directly from Amazon

jordanrichard | 08. marraskuu 2018

“Instead of letting Tesla replace it at annual service”.....why? It won’t reduce the price fo the annual service. What is prompting you to replace the filter in the first place?

ktslab | 08. marraskuu 2018

thanks tomphamwd


both wife and I are sensitive to dust, pet hair etc. It is more of psychological benefit if I can replace the filter every 6 months or whenever one of us feels like to replace the filter.

RandallKeith | 08. marraskuu 2018

Cabin air filter at Servicenter is seven dollars.

RandallKeith | 08. marraskuu 2018

YouTube videos show how to replace.

Silver2K | 10. marraskuu 2018

Cabin air filter is $40 at Tesla as per ranger.

RandallKeith | 10. marraskuu 2018

My ranger looked it up on his laptop and told me seven dollars. He always replaces it when he comes out gratis.

Bighorn | 10. marraskuu 2018

broccoli farts?

Bighorn | 10. marraskuu 2018

$8.50 per Clean Technica article. Won't link without the space.


flamaest | 20. elokuu 2019

I just called Tesla Service. The Model S cabin filter is $18, not $8.50. And the Model 3 cabin filter is $17.50 x 2.

sr.smr | 21. elokuu 2019

The ranger replaced the cabin filter during the annual service visit because I started to smell odors from air polluting vehicles. The steps included removing the dash trim panel and glove box. I wish Tesla designed an easier way to accomplish this because removing parts could introduce another cause for failure as pieces are removed and reinserted.

rxlawdude | 21. elokuu 2019


akikiki | 21. elokuu 2019

Tkim, its not Tesla. Thank your governor. If that's not enough info, Google it.