Replace Your Ride Program $4500 Incentive in SoCal

Replace Your Ride Program $4500 Incentive in SoCal

Has anyone used this incentive? Or is Tesla willing to participate as a dealer for this program? Any insight is appreciated.

South Coast Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program (EFMP) Incentive: $4,500

This scrap-and-replace program assists eligible residents of the South Coast Air District with the purchase of a new or used fuel-efficient vehicle.
Vouchers for public transit and rideshare are also available.



rxlawdude | 25. marraskuu 2018

Considering the income limits for this program, it's unlikely many Tesla owners or prospective owners would qualify.

Or those who do wouldn't qualify for a big auto loan, anyway.

walden324 | 08. huhtikuu 2019

You can make up to 46K for a single person in this program. if you have good credit LIKE can easily qualify for a loan for a Tesla. I will check this program out...did you find out any info?.