2018 Model X V9 Navigation problem

2018 Model X V9 Navigation problem

Hi all, I would like some assistance. On Saturday my 2018 model X v9 navigation acting weird, when I try to put an address the first letter always goes back and the last letter goes to the front.

I try to reset it by holding both buttons in the steering wheel, then the navigation keep restarting every 4 minutes since then.

Today I called Tesla service department to make an appointment, they told me earliest appointment will be next week, so I try do the factory reset see if it can fix it. Now the navigation restart every 5 second, make it unable to drive.

Anyone have this happen to them and know how to fix it? Appreciate!

lilbean | 26. marraskuu 2018

Scroll wheel reset.

nismo4gtr | 26. marraskuu 2018

I did that, it didn’t work for me.

Vawlkus | 27. marraskuu 2018

Try cleaning the screen as per the manual.