No big deal but Latest update failed and now no Cruise control etc.

No big deal but Latest update failed and now no Cruise control etc.

Tried doing the latest update before I had to go to an appointment. The car is still very driveable but non of the cruise or auto steer is available and no speed limit sign available on display. Navigate on off appeared but I tried it and it didn't seem to do anything. Not a big deal but wondering if anyone else had a failed update. There was a note that popped up saying to wait for resend of update but haven't got anything back yet after the appointment.

wiboater4 | 28. marraskuu 2018

Called Tesla service and they are going to send another update but not today. The fail might have been caused by weak WI FI while it was in the garage . I might have still got the update again without calling.

spuzzz123 | 28. marraskuu 2018

Same thing happened to me wiboater after an update a couple of months ago. They did the same thing...manually re-pushed it and things back to normal. I didn't realize how addicted I was to TACC until the 2 days I had to drive without it.

burdogg | 28. marraskuu 2018

My update failed last night - my son drove this morning and has it - don't know about lost functions, but it just stated that the update failed and that I needed to contact service...

wiboater4 | 29. marraskuu 2018

spuzzz123 I drove over to a neighbors to help out with some stuff. A few hours later the TACC was working again. So either they fixed that over the air or it just corrected itself. By the way I even tried a reboot earlier in the day to get it back and that did nothing. It say's I'm on version 42.4 right now and I think I might have been on 42.2 . No notification yet this morning on another update yet. I agree about the TACC addiction. It's a little work to maintain an even speed on the freeway.

gballant4570 | 29. marraskuu 2018

I doubt it was your wifi signal - I get updates installed without ever having connected to wifi. The software downloads to the car, then you schedule the update time, and then the car updates. My understanding is that connections to elsewhere (LTE, wifi) are only required for the download, which is before your update failure occurred.

If I'm wrong about that I would appreciate knowing - I'd like to understand as much about the process as I can....

spuzzz123 | 29. marraskuu 2018

I wondered though if the Wifi signal were weak or intermittent if it might have corrupted the upgrade download. You think they would have parity checking or something to verify a good download but it still seems to happen occasionally. I had it happen on my iPad once too.

wiboater4 | 29. marraskuu 2018

The person I talked to in Service said that the updates are becoming more complex and that they are better installed with WI FI. I asked her about the LTE before she told me that because I have done an update while at the dentist over LTE and it worked fine. She also suggested after I told her the WI FI was weak when in the garage to move the car out because I get stronger signal outside on my WI FI network at home.

ILoveMyModel3 | 29. marraskuu 2018

I had the same issues a few weeks ago and it just started working again after working with support on the phone. However, it still took about 30 mins before they showed up on the screen.