"Cards" section disappeared.

"Cards" section disappeared.

Curious if anyone else has encountered this. The section at the bottom left of the screen where you can access tire pressure, trip tracker, odometer, etc. has disappeared. Doesn't swipe anymore. Have an appointment at a service center this Friday for something else so will ask, but was curious if anyone else is experiencing.

BTW, absolutely love my AWD Model 3! Have had a few small things but in no way outweighs the driving experience.

marcwhite67 | 03. joulukuu 2018

I should have mentioned I have rebooted the screen and no change.

Bighorn | 03. joulukuu 2018

No change

ODWms | 04. joulukuu 2018

I used it yesterday, and it was the same as usual. But I noted an update when I returned home last night and had it to install. I’ll see if there’s any change.

Firewired | 04. joulukuu 2018

Did you do a full reboot? Not where you hold the scroll wheels to where the screen goes black, but continue holding after the screen goes black until the Tesla logo comes on, and then release the scrollwheels.

Firewired | 04. joulukuu 2018

Oh and also make sure nothingplugged into USB during reboot. Not sure if it matters for 3, did for the S.

EVRider | 04. joulukuu 2018

@Firewired: Holding in the scroll wheels once the touchscreen turns off doesn’t make a difference. Pressing on the brake while rebooting might make a difference. Powering off the car from the touchscreen and leaving it off for a couple of minutes is another option. Rebooting with a USB stick in place is generally only a problem if the USB is formatted to be bootable.

CorkChop | 04. joulukuu 2018

If you tap the blinker stalk button for a single wiper stroke, does the wiper card come up?

Bighorn | 04. joulukuu 2018

Yes, that's how I remember it.

marcwhite67 | 05. joulukuu 2018

Quick update. I stopped in the service center and I apparently didn't have the latest update. They pushed it to me later that day and the next day I could see the cards section. Not sure what the issue was but its resolved. Love that many issues can be handled remotely. Thanks for the comments and advice!

M3phan | 10. joulukuu 2018

My cards disappeared too for a half day. Soft reboot didn’t fix. Parking car, leaving, locking and turning it off, coming back an hour later fixed it. Not sure what that was all about though...