In Auto Park mode, my model 3 hit a pillar in the garage

In Auto Park mode, my model 3 hit a pillar in the garage

Last Friday (12/14) I got home and had my 2 months old Model 3 do a auto park in my apartment garage. The car aligned well for perpendicular parking. As it did the reverse, it went to close to a pillar and then banged against it. I slammed on the brake to stop it. I was shocked, as there was plenty of space and it didn't have to go that close to the side. I am not sure why the auto pilot didn't detect the side pillar, as the car rammed the pillar in between the side camera and ultrasonic sensor. It was almost like it was doing auto park with eyes closed. When I do manual parking, which is what I usually do, the car detect the pillar and warns me.

There is some damage to the driver side fender and the bumper is slightly displayed. I called Tesla vehicle support. They took the logs and will have engineer look at it to determined what happened.

I am not going to attempt auto park again till I get good assurance that is works all that time. Sign!

gmr6415 | 17. joulukuu 2018

"Warning: Many unforeseen circumstances
can impair Autopark's ability to park
Model 3. Keep this in mind and remember
that as a result, Autopark may not steer
Model 3 appropriately. Pay attention
when parking Model 3 and stay prepared
to immediately take control."

82bert | 17. joulukuu 2018

This exact thread appears once a month or so

rsingh05 | 17. joulukuu 2018

If you read the manual, it clearly says that autopark is designed for parking between two parked cars. The manual also cautions that the car it won't detect pillars very well while parking.

jimglas | 17. joulukuu 2018

Translation: I drove my car into a pillar with auto park

CharleyBC | 17. joulukuu 2018

It's probably small comfort to hear that you're not the first. Others have autoparked into pillars and such. I believe the manual states that it should only be used (so far) between two cars.

rachit.sjc | 17. joulukuu 2018

I don't this Auto Park is in beta, and if that would do not expect an incident like this one. I've experienced autopark cancel mid way or take much long than a person would usually take to park. What is unique about this experience is that it brushed against a pillar that was in clear sight.
Since I was very alert, I therefor hit on the brakes. I think the damage on the side would have been significant if I hadn't.

lilbean | 17. joulukuu 2018

How embarrassing to not read the manual and damage your car because of it!

rachit.sjc | 17. joulukuu 2018

@lilbean Did I say anywhere I didn't read the manual? Let me make it clear that I've read the manual cover to cover.

My garage is an apartment parking garage and so I park my between two other cars. Also when the auto parking conditions are not right, the start Auto Park button doesn't shows up at all. In my case the button showed up, which indicates the scenario was ideal for auto parking.

Well, I'm curious to hear from the engineers at Teals what really went wrong.

bradbomb | 17. joulukuu 2018

Just because the button shows up, doesn't make the case that it was ideal for auto parking. I've had the button show when I'm stopped at a red light on a two lane road. The car detected space between the two cars to the right of me. Doesn't make it an ideal situation. Also, if it wasn't between two cars and the P shows up, then you should know its not an ideal situation because the MANUAL says Auto Park is designed to work to park between two cars.

gmkellogg | 17. joulukuu 2018

In the end, you're responsible for the vehicle as it's not level 5 autonomous driving, that's what the comment in regards to the manual was about.

derotam | 17. joulukuu 2018

Here we go again.... rachit.sic so you read the manual and you just ignored the warning it.

Sorry but that warning against pillars is because the pillar can appear and disappear depending on where it is in relation to the car and sensors. I will also add that while some parts of the manual say things like "may not always detect objects", or intended for use in....situations, the warning for Autopark states "is particularly unlikely to operate as intended..." in reference to pillars.

I do feel bad for you I really do but I personally am not going to trust autopark or summon for that matter in tight areas or in areas that the manual says that it is "particularly unlikely to operate as intended".

ModernTriDad | 17. joulukuu 2018

I think it’s beneficial for other Tesla owners and buyers when someone periodically shares this info. Although I read manuals for my cars, especially a Tesla, I recognize that not everyone reads every section of most user manuals. Sorry to hear about it and I hope, despite all the negative attitudes over your post, that you’ll share any follow-up!

gmr6415 | 17. joulukuu 2018

@rachit.sjc, "Well, I'm curious to hear from the engineers at Teals what really went wrong."

What really went wrong is that you weren't in enough control of the car to stop it before it hit the pillar.

You are the driver. It is your responsibility at all times.

rachit.sjc | 17. joulukuu 2018

@gmr6415 As I mentioned earlier '...I was very alert, I therefor hit on the brakes. I think the damage on the side would have been significant if I hadn't'.

How much careful should I be? Would I have to stick my head out of the car when it is doing auto park? Or do I have to have another person get out of the car and see if the auto park is in progress accurately? If I have to do that, don't you think it much easier to park manually every time? Why do I need auto park. Auto park I surely hope is not some fancy sales gimmick.

rachit.sjc | 17. joulukuu 2018

@ModernTriDad I will. Thanks!

Magic 8 Ball | 17. joulukuu 2018

@rachit.sjc writes: "how careful should I be?"

Answer: More careful than you were.

VolleyballNE1 | 17. joulukuu 2018

Google search : autopark pillar

Do not trust the machine 100% as it's running on code written by people who don't have all scenarios tested.
Besides, you might hit that corner case and voila, damaged car.

andre | 17. joulukuu 2018

Always be careful. I park in the same situation of a pillar on one side, and car on the other. The first time it offered to park for me, i was excited, and had my passenger watching from the outside, _precisely_ because i was doing it next to a pillar. So far (when it does offer to park for me, it doesn’t always recognize it), about 50% of the time it successfully completes the parking on it’s own. Another 35% of the time it manages to line up to point that all i need to do it back it up straight myself. The remainder of the time I see the instant it loses sight of the pillar (because the parking spot on the screen suddenly gets wider) and I’m pretty sure it’s going to want to recenter the car in the now-wider spot. So I abort the auto-park and finish it myself. Still useful because the car has done all of the hard work in lining it up. I recognize that I’m using it in not the recommended scenario, thus I’m watching to see that it doesn’t make an error.

ST70 | 17. joulukuu 2018

"How much careful should I be? Would I have to stick my head out of the car when it is doing auto park?"

Sounds like that might work for you....when your head hits the pillar then you know you're too close....are you that big of a dumb@ss!?

rachit.sjc | 17. joulukuu 2018

A non beta feature such as auto-park that came as part of paid package ($8000 in my case) should work better than how it did PERIOD
Either a non beta feature works or doesn't. If I have to be always apprehensive that something might go wrong, then there is no point in using that feature. I'M NOT BETA TESTING for TESLA.
I don't think the comments such as - you should read the manual, or should have paid more attention, is justifiable. I wonder if this is Tesla's official take as well. I will find out soon.

rsingh05 | 17. joulukuu 2018

The manual says it won't work with pillars. I'm curious what part of that was not clear??

spockagain34 | 17. joulukuu 2018

"rachit.sjc: How much careful should I be?" Umm you can start by being careful enough to not use auto park in a situation it isn't supposed to be used in currently. And the comment "You should have read the manual" is extremely justifiable, that's literally why manuals exist. So when a dumbass (you) does something they aren't supposed to and hurt their property, themselves, or others the manufacturer can say "Look, we gave you clear instructions on how to operate this thing, you just didn't follow them. Therefor, the accident is your fault."

lilbean | 17. joulukuu 2018

Ok so you read it. Did you comprehend it?

RES IPSA | 17. joulukuu 2018

One would be wise to only use the TACC feature contained in the EAP package at this point. The other three features will get better and become 100% reliable over time... but not yet

derotam | 18. joulukuu 2018

@rachit.sjc, "If I have to be always apprehensive that something might go wrong, then there is no point in using that feature" then you should just stop driving, because you SHOULD "always be apprehensive that something might go wrong" every time you get in your vehicle to drive.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 18. joulukuu 2018

I do my best to avoid parking lots that contain exposed columns, poles, and pillars in abundance . They make nervous. My buddy borrowed my car a couple of years ago to go pick up his Girlfriend and knocked off my rearview mirror backing out of his parking lot. Thing is? Even human software seems to be 'in beta' regarding such obstacles. You ever notice how many of those concrete filled building corner protectors are bent in public parking lots? There's a reason for that, and it ain't Autopilot.

ray.sanford | 18. joulukuu 2018

It sound like an RTFM problem (Read The Friggin' Manual).

billlake2000 | 18. joulukuu 2018

When I summoned my 3 from my boat, the sucker got all wet.

thedrisin | 19. joulukuu 2018

I was attempting auto park for the first time the other day. I did the procedure as in the manual. Between two cars, no pillars. As it was backing into the space, everyone in the car started yelling that it was going to crash into one of the cars. No way it was going to clear it.

CorkChop | 19. joulukuu 2018

@rachit.sjc I am sorry this happened to you. And since you read the manual you would know the warnings in the manual about the limitations with parking pillars but instead of parking your car yourself, you decided to let the car do it. Perhaps you should re-read the manual a couple of times, again? Who knows what else you may be missing.

thedrisin | 19. joulukuu 2018

@rachit.sjc. You came to the wrong place for sympathy or support. There is nothing you could do that would be correct. Even if you had to attempted to park appropriately between 2 vehicles, there are so many warnings that if something occurred, you would be still be wrong. I tried once and had to take control and abort to avoid a collision. Last time for me for now.

casun | 19. joulukuu 2018

“if something occurred, you would be still be wrong”

correct, because you’re responsible for the car at all times. this should not be a surprise to anyone.

thedrisin | 19. joulukuu 2018

I find TACC reliable. Autosteer in limited circumstances. Other autopilot functions are more stressful to monitor the use than do manually. Everything is use at your own risk.

billlake2000 | 19. joulukuu 2018

Riddle: Why did the Tesla back into the Mayor? Answer: Cuz he was a pillar of the community.

djharrington | 20. joulukuu 2018

McLary??? (Ok, that’s admittedly less funny with so many noobs).

@rachit.slc: despite what you say, it sounds like your car was not parked between two cars, but between pillars (or a pillar and another car). There just happened to be cars on the other side of the pillar(s). BFD.

I’d take lilbean’s implied advice and re-read the manual. This time, read for comprehension.

thedrisin | 20. joulukuu 2018

There are many warnings in the manual for this feature. It may not properly function even if you read the manual cover to cover.

1tacoshort | 18. huhtikuu 2019

I came here looking for information on autopark but I discovered more about the tenor of this community. Is it always so hostile, here, or did OP make some grave mistake that I missed?

lbowroom | 18. huhtikuu 2019

He misused the parking feature and blamed Tesla for the damage

Carl Thompson | 18. huhtikuu 2019


It's always that hostile here. There are some people here that have taken it upon themselves to protect Tesla from any insinuation that they're not perfect.

ST70 | 18. huhtikuu 2019

@1tacoshort- don't be a dumb@ss and you'll be fine here.....what did you do wrong?

Sandman89 | 18. huhtikuu 2019

I understand where the OP is coming from and don't understand the hostility of some people here. We all own this car because we believe in the company so no need to always defend Tesla so staunchly. Auto park is not a beta feature. Other car manufacturers have this as well and I have not heard mishaps happen in those vehicles (maybe I wasn't lurking around in those forums as often). Nonetheless, this is a teachable moment for both Tesla and the OP. Tesla needs to improve their code for autopark at least to the standard of other manufacturers. This isn't autopilot (where I would give them a lot more leeway since they are pioneers). Hope things work out for the OP.

Magic 8 Ball | 18. huhtikuu 2019

All of these features require the driver to be ready to intervene in case of malfunction. To allow the car to hit a pillar shows everyone that you are an idiot. What if the pillar was a child standing there? Our Cmax Energi had the feature and there were many stories from owners hitting things with the feature.

lilbean | 18. huhtikuu 2019

Excellent point. What if it was a child? The driver must be responsible.

JarvisM3 | 18. huhtikuu 2019

Yeah I’m kinda surprised about the comments. I don’t think the poster was blaming Tesla whatsoever.

lilbean | 18. huhtikuu 2019

He stated, “I am not going to attempt auto park again till I get good assurance that is works all that time.” So, he is saying it is not working all the time, therefore, blaming Tesla. This statement is misleading. The manual clearly states that this feature is not to be used next to pillars.

wiboater4 | 19. huhtikuu 2019

I have two garage doors . Isn't the section between the doors the same as a pillar? I have driven my Tesla in and out with summon and it works most of the time but one time for some reason it wanted to steer right for my pickup truck fender. It stopped but didn't want to steer over like it should after several tries I just drove it in myself. So bottom line you still have to watch it for now in Beta mode.

rb28772 | 17. elokuu 2019

I think the sensors are more able to detect a wall type structure, such as a car, than they can a tall skinny structure which can actually become hidden between two sensors. If you check the spacing of your sensors you can see how this can happen. I think this is the easiest concept to keep in mind when parking.

in7 | 17. elokuu 2019

Those pillars will just jump out in front of you. I had a curb do that.

rsharman | 17. elokuu 2019

Why are so many Tesla drivers so rude and obnoxious? Some guy explains a problem, and at least half the comments are just plain insulting. (Like this one, sorry!) Seriously, though, people are so quick to flame and critiicize; it's really not very helpful.

howard | 17. elokuu 2019


+1 unfortunately that is the way most behave here if one suggests it has something negative to do with Tesla.