DHCP Issue

DHCP Issue

I have previously connected my family's model 3 to my home wifi but after getting the car back from the service center for a new power control system, the car doesn't seem to want to connect to the wifi. I've thoroughly checked the wifi and then reset the router. Still, the car doesn't want to connect. The wifi extender is plenty strong and close to the car. Attached is the error message I receive. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance.

jojo415 | 03. tammikuu 2019

Seems we can't attach photos to this forum or edit posts. The error message reads: "Could Not Connect to Network. Unable to obtain IP address. Please check DHCP server settings."

gmr6415 | 03. tammikuu 2019

Have you tried shutting down all other connected devices (computers, cell phone, printers, etc.) and then rebooting your router while they are all off? It may be that for some reason the M3 has the same IP address assigned to it as another device.

Secondly, you can login to your router and assign a static address for the M3.

hamiltonned | 03. tammikuu 2019

I've seen this too a few times. Reboot seems to fix it. I'd like to know what causes it.

gmr6415 | 03. tammikuu 2019

I also seem to remember that when setting mine up it was very picky about the wifi device name as well as the password for the wifi device.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 03. tammikuu 2019

I would think that deleting the Wifi connection in your M3 and re-loading it would work.

CorkChop | 03. tammikuu 2019

Check to make sure that you have not enabled MAC security. If that doesnt work, try rebooting the car and router.

cornellio | 03. tammikuu 2019

"Please check DHCP server settings".

Have you actually checked this? Maybe your DHCP pool is filled (maxed out IP addresses), or has MAC address security. Might be misconfigered to overlap with static IPs.

jjgunn | 03. tammikuu 2019

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If that doesn't work then your router is screwed up or DHCP pool full as others have suggested

billlake2000 | 03. tammikuu 2019

jjgunn, how long how long how long how long how long you had that stutter?

jojo415 | 04. tammikuu 2019

Thank you all, the problem resolved itself automatically. I believe several of you were right, that the DHCP pool was maxed out. The Wifi had excellent signal strength at the car's location but it seems the car squeezed itself into that DHCP pool with just enough wiggle room to hold the wifi signal. I did try a dual scroll reboot and that didn't fix it. Thanks again!

hamiltonned | 05. tammikuu 2019

I don't think a DHCP pool in home wifi installations will normally get "maxed out" DHCP pools have usually at least 200 "slots" I can't imagine a home using that many slots even with long connection "lease" settings.

electra carmen | 18. tammikuu 2019

No, this is not anything related to networking, this is an actual problem. It is new since a service visit where car software was updated. I am a network admin as a software company and know how DHCP, wireless, and other aspects of networking are supposed to behave. I can connect and disconnect and reconnect my phone to my router/wifi, so I have not filled up my client slots, I have a strong signal from a wifi extender, but also a sufficient signal from my main router as well -- both report the DHCP issue.

This is a bug.

jdovi | 24. maaliskuu 2019

Agreed this is a bug. My Model X refuses to connect now that my MCU was replaced by the service center. Very frustrating. This is my 4th Tesla, never had this issue.

cpipek | 06. toukokuu 2019

Is it possible to connect M3 to wifi without DHCP and put in IP, DNS and Gateway by manual?

jim | 06. toukokuu 2019

@cpipek: Unfortunately, there is no option to configure a static IP, but you if your DHCP server supports it, you could setup a DHCP reservation so the car gets the same IP every time.

tyddynonn | 29. syyskuu 2019

My X regularly complains that it can’t get an IP address - but eventually does. Definitely a car problem, as multiple other devices connect without problems whilst sitting in the car.
Maybe V10 will be better?

ryanfahey1979 | 17. marraskuu 2019

I was able to find out how to fix this through piecing together other forums. It isn't an issue of too many connections to the router. You just need to login to your router and guarantee that Tesla is added as one of the connections. I was well under my limit with my router and this did the trick.

If you need instructions to get into your router, go here:

From there I (I have a screenshot but there are no options to upload a photo here) so I'll try and explain. In my router, which is Linksys I went to Configuration tab. From there Local Network > Client Reserved Table. I hit manage and then it provided all the devices connected to the router. Tesla was listed there even though the actual Model 3 said it wasn't connected. I clicked "Add" and then it populated under with the assigned IP and MAC address.

I went out to my car and retried WIFI after weeks of no luck - and this time SUCCESS. Hope this proves beneficial.

Tronguy | 17. marraskuu 2019

@ryanfahey1979: I'm going to take a swing at this. From your description, specifically that "Add" button you hit, I suspect that your router is set up for what is often called MAC filtering. The general idea is that in the layered defense mode that semi-modern routers use, an unknown MAC address is figured to be somebody Evil trying to get onto your network. Router software I've seen allows the connection - but then throws any user data from the supposed Evil node into the bit bucket. For the purposes of keeping bad guys out, this is actually slightly more useful than simply rejecting with a NAK of some kind, since a NAK allows an attacker to retry but being connected with nowhere to go is harder to deal with.
In any case, the Netgear that I use over here has that "add" feature for unknown MAC addresses as well, with the same failing characteristics that you were seeing.
My guess: When hardware was replaced in your car, the piece with the MAC address burned into PROM was also changed. Suddenly, your router didn't see the car it knew and liked and locked you out. Until you hit Add.
Isn't networking fun?

dangerl7e | 18. marraskuu 2019

I was never unable to connect to my portable router which acts as a repeater (GL-AR300M-Ext). The car does connect to my phone's AP, to my home WiFi, but not to my portable router.
I tried to assign a static IP address, still no luck. They really need to be more descriptive with "Unable to obtain a DHCP address". From the router standpoint I can see that the car jumps on the router for less than 10 seconds and disconnects. It obviously does not some sort of settings. I tried different modes, remove security options etc.
Has anybody had luck with TM3 and OpenWRT???