$1000 pre-order

$1000 pre-order

I’m a first day preorder holder and I still have not asked for the $1,000 I initially sent to Tesla. Is there any good reason why I should leave it (possibly for the model y pre-order?) I have been waiting on the $35,000 version but at this point I wouldn’t mind waiting another couple years for the model y.

RichardKJ | 11. tammikuu 2019

I've been hoping to roll my deposit over to a Model Y as well. I'm already all electric with an S and a 3 so I'm not missing out on much by waiting. I do have a fantasy of trading in the S for a performance 3 right now.

RES IPSA | 11. tammikuu 2019

Sure. The good reason is that you can get a 35k M3 with a $1875 Fed tax credit plus any other state rebates. In 3 or more years, EV's may be a lot more common and those state incentives may disappear (plus no Fed tax credit for a Tesla vehicle).