Falcon Wing Door Damage

Falcon Wing Door Damage

Any info on owners that crashed their MX into a garage with the FWD ? Repair time etc.
I wish there was a toggle to set to not mobve with any doors open ! ?

rosaranger | 22. tammikuu 2019

Any info ?

jjgunn | 22. tammikuu 2019

There is an audible alert when opening a door with car in drive.

Parts are difficult to come by so please have patience.

Sorry this happened to you. It sucks :-(

colorczar | 23. tammikuu 2019

I've now read of more than a handful of accounts of people damaging their vehicle because there is no _option_ to disable shifting from Park while a wing door is open.

Of course not everyone will engage such an _option_, and there are likely legitimate reasons to move the vehicle with a wing door open - granted.

Please please please tesla, enable an _option_ for drivers to prevent the vehicle shifting from park if any wing door is open. I would enthusiastically welcome such an option.

Vawlkus | 24. tammikuu 2019

There is such an option already available. It’s called using your eyes and ears to pay attention to what the car is telling you.

lilbean | 24. tammikuu 2019


vikasdhir | 28. huhtikuu 2019

So did you got it repaired. How much did it cost. I just banged mine :(