2018.50.6 4ec03ed software

2018.50.6 4ec03ed software

Just received this update today and I don’t see any new features. Possibly just bug fixes.

M3phan | 22. tammikuu 2019

Also just rcvd this (50.6), and don’t see anything obviously new, but prob bug fixes since I also don’t see the “flickering headlights” some saw on previous 50.x updates so that’s good.

Eric S | 22. tammikuu 2019

Just updated too. San Diego

Hal Fisher | 22. tammikuu 2019

Me too, san diego. I had 48.x before with no flicker. I hope they fixed the annoying brake light flashing. Saw that on other model 3s. They should just go on, not annoy with the flashing especially in stopngo.


CST | 22. tammikuu 2019

Just got it too, jumped from 48.12

tesla | 22. tammikuu 2019

I just got it too. I am hoping it fixes issues with the media player locking up (especially on the slacker radio tab).

tesla | 22. tammikuu 2019

One bug fix: The “What’s New” button works again!

The release notes mention “cold weather improvements” including warming up the charge port in certain circumstances (not sure if actually new?) and the “keep climate on” option that I’m sure was part of the 2018.48.x release (as I’ve had it for a month already).

RES IPSA | 22. tammikuu 2019

I got it a few hours ago in SD... Looks like only new feature for me is keeping the cabin HVAC on

tesla | 22. tammikuu 2019

Uh, could be a fluke, but lock-on-walk-away failed for me after this update. I opened the app half an hour later and was shocked to see my car was unlocked. I verified this in person (leaving my phone and key inside my house). Door did not seem to have been left unlatched or anything. After going back in the house, I locked the car using the app. Be careful and let me know how this goes for you.

Charles H | 23. tammikuu 2019

Anyone experienced the sudden speed slow down in Auto Pilot mode after this update? I experienced twice this morning after last night's 2018.50.6 update. First time, the max speed slowed down to 30 mph (the setting was 70 mph on a 65 mph freeway) when there were cars on my left and right lanes. I had to roll the right scroll button to increase the speed limit back to 70 mph. The second time the max speed suddenly slowed down to 45 mph while there was a truck on my right front.

CharleyBC | 23. tammikuu 2019

@Charles H, just to be certain: you’re not talking about phantom braking, but the car actually changing the set cruise control speed spontaneously? That would be tres weird.

rxlawdude | 23. tammikuu 2019

@Charles, yep. Saw spontaneous decrease to set speed several times in my 45 mile commute.

billlake2000 | 23. tammikuu 2019

jopp2 got hisself a job as a programmer

charles.a.braun | 23. tammikuu 2019

Prior to 2018.48 when using EAP if I disengaged EAP by turning the wheel, TACC would stay set at whatever speed it was set for.

After 2018.48 when disengaging auto steer with a turn of the wheel, TACC Speed would immediately be reset to a max of the current speed.

So if I am using EAP at 70 and hit some traffic and slow to 20, turn the wheel to disable auto steer TACC resets to a max of 20. Traffic clears a moment later and all of a sudden everyone is doing 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and then i realize i am still doing 20.

I got .50 update last night but have not checked it out yet. Hopefully this little bug is resolved though. | 23. tammikuu 2019

the user interface suggestion: add a centralized popup window for all popup messages which require the driver's input/attention. including for the lane change request, warning drawings. use larger fonts and a brighter window's frame to catch the drivers attention.

rxlawdude | 23. tammikuu 2019

@charles.a.braun, nope. That's exactly what's happening now on 50.6. Was no where near this bad with 48.x.

charles.a.braun | 23. tammikuu 2019

@RXLD - Well that sucks

sound_designer | 23. tammikuu 2019

Got the update last night and one thing that started working was that I don't have to reboot each time to use the web browser. I also got Millipede in the Atari section now. This was going from 48.12.

charlesdeanda | 23. tammikuu 2019

Do you need to be on WiFi to receive this update or will it work on LTE? Will it download automatically or is there a "check for updates" option. Thanks everyone!

jjgunn | 23. tammikuu 2019

charles.a.braun @ rxlawdude
Can you 2 please try a reboot & let me know if these issues persist?

Halbach | 23. tammikuu 2019

Charles, there is no check for update option. Tesla sends it out but not all at once. Word is that you do need to be on Wi-Fi, although I've heard that for certain safety related updates they can push an update through LTE.

rmlee | 23. tammikuu 2019

App works a lot quicker now

charles.a.braun | 23. tammikuu 2019

@jjgunn - I have not driven since getting 2018.50 last night but I have done plenty of reboots while on 2018.48 which is when this matter first showed up for me.

charlesdeanda | 23. tammikuu 2019

Thanks Halbach. I'll connect to WiFi tonight. Hopefully they have fixed the HVAC issue with heat coming from rear vents.

CST | 23. tammikuu 2019

For every feature, they introduce a ton of bugs. I wonder if they can do better regression testing on their software...

CST | 23. tammikuu 2019

Ooops, not a "ton" of bugs, but a few. Feels like 2 steps forward, one step back.

TexasBob | 23. tammikuu 2019

Auto wipers seemed to work better for me this morning. Did not need to intervene once during rainstorm this am. Hopefully not a fluke.

M3phan | 23. tammikuu 2019

Have 50.6, haven’t discovered the EAP issues discussed above. Everything else so far, so good.

mehingle14 | 23. tammikuu 2019

50.6 failed to load properly on Wi-Fi in my garage last night. I called Tesla while I was hanging out at a supercharger. I asked them to push it through again. Instead of the normal response on two prior occasions, when they said sure thing, this time I was told all have to wait two or three days for the system to catch it, but they would send an email to tech. A day later still nothing.

jjgunn | 24. tammikuu 2019

charles.a.braun | January 23, 2019
@jjgunn - I have not driven since getting 2018.50 last night but I have done plenty of reboots while on 2018.48 which is when this matter first showed up for me.
I understand. Sometimes, after the firmware install, the car needs another reboot. I've noticed this on previous versions & it wipes out the weird anomalies. Hoping it helps with this new version.

mikes | 24. tammikuu 2019

The cruise speed dropping is a problem that I had since I got the car back in September! It almost always does it passing a certain exit on the interstate. Had 42.4 until about a week ago when I got 50.5. Now I have the same issue still at the same exit but also at the next exit. Speed limit is 80mph, cruise is set to 82mph, cruise max speed icon will drop to 60mph for one second then go up to 65mph as the car is slowing down to 65mph. It will stay at that speed for about 1 mile then speed up to 82mph again!

M3phan | 24. tammikuu 2019

That cruise control issue dropping near a freeway exit happened to me once last year, and I chalked it up to the map/GPS thinking that perhaps I was on the parallel service road ramp and not still on the freeway… Now a few months later when I pass that same area the car doesn’t slow down at all so I’m thinking map update data helped.

harsoni | 24. tammikuu 2019

Got 50.6 update today.

jjgunn | 25. tammikuu 2019

One place I've had the speed limit drop for me is hospital curve - 101 Southbound in SF about 1-2 miles after you get off the Bay Bridge. Speed limit is 55-65 & TACC drops to 40 MPH for some reason. Happened numerous times in the same spot.

kevin_rf | 25. tammikuu 2019

Was on 2018.50, last night updated to 2018.50.6. Do a fair amount of highway driving and have been noticing the EAP Max speed issue in 2018.50, shame it will still be 2018.50.6.

Thanks guys for fully explaining what is going on. Knew it was EAP related and had not fully figured it out. Dropping max speed when disengaging EAP is really an undesirable feature.

minervo.florida | 25. tammikuu 2019

This update has a firmware in it to fix charge port issues. Mine went red at the super so I drove to Tesla, they checked the cable, connections, and more. Then they got the update which fixed the issue. It would not let me charge or remove the cable, I had to use the manual release.

htes | 25. tammikuu 2019

The car says I'm on 50.6 but everytime it installs, the app/car dash says install failed even for prior versions. How do i reconcile this disconnect? Has it been install or not? anyone else seen this?

PECo CT | 25. tammikuu 2019

Just got the 50.6 update. VIN 116xxx. Connecticut.

The update notification said it could take 45 minutes; it took 13.

jimglas | 25. tammikuu 2019

Mine took less than 10 minutes to update

Flanmansd | 25. tammikuu 2019

@PECo CT - Every update says it will take 45 minutes. Seldom do any take that long. Keeps down the bitchin'. If it says update will take 10 minutes and it takes 15 then people would be crying on this forum. Says 45 minutes but only takes 13 then everybody is happy. It's just a default much like the "50 miles" on all delivered M3's.

hufflep | 25. tammikuu 2019

Got the update last night, coming off 2018.50 (located in Chicago). The right headlight on my mid-range 3 still flickered this morning (something I didn't notice before updating to 2018.50). The only difference I've noticed is waking up from the app the car is a little faster.

gene | 25. tammikuu 2019

The slowing down at some exits and interchanges is normal — it’s in the manual under Traffic Aware Cruise Control:

When enabled while on a highway interchange
or off-ramp, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control may
reduce your set speed in 5 mph (5 km/h)
increments – to as slow as 25 mph (40 km/h)
– to better match the reported speeds of
other Tesla vehicles that have driven at that
specific location. To override this and continue
cruising at your set speed, tap the accelerator
pedal or touch the plus (+) or minus (-) button
on the touchscreen. The new set speed is
maintained for the duration of the interchange
or off-ramp (unless you override it or cancel
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control). After the
interchange or off-ramp, the set speed may
revert or change as necessary based on the
new location. For example, if you merged onto
a different highway, the set speed reverts back
to the set speed that was in use before driving
on the interchange.

gene | 25. tammikuu 2019


Traffic-Aware Cruise Control also adjusts the
cruising speed when entering and exiting


Warning: Due to limitations inherent in
the onboard GPS (Global Positioning
System), you may experience situations in
which Traffic-Aware Cruise Control slows
down the vehicle, especially near highway
exits where a curve is detected and/or
you are actively navigating to a
destination and not following the route.

Sunhelm | 25. tammikuu 2019

My available miles at 80% charge level increased from 207 miles to 216 miles after this update. Anyone else notice a change in theirs? I have the mid-range model.

mikes | 25. tammikuu 2019

@gene the car slows down after passing an exit on the interstate! Not while on off-ramp not while on interchange.
Also it has nothing to do with map updates as I suspected that too at first but I drove on the frontage road and the bridge going over the interstate and none of them show the speed the cruise is going to, actually all speed limits are way lower. Asked Tesla about it and they had no answer!

gene | 25. tammikuu 2019

@mikes Huh! Weird. It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge sometimes, isn’t it?

charles.a.braun | 25. tammikuu 2019

@Sunhelm - Similarly I noticed today (2nd time driving since getting the most recent update) that my remaining range (I view it as a % rather than miles) fluctuates a lot more frequently like it is constantly updating rather than updating every minute or 2. As I was driving through The Angeles National Forest this morning my range went from 40% to 41% to 42% to 41% to 42% to 41% to 40% to 39% to 40% to 39% within about a 2 minute time period as I was going up and down the hills of the mountain pass I was on.

BP6126 | 25. tammikuu 2019

Anyone having problems viewing the tire pressure cards now after this update along with the other cards?

crmedved | 25. tammikuu 2019

@minervo.florida I've had that happen too. Sat in my car for like 15 minutes googling what to do lol. When I used the manual release, it was still red so I put the SC cable in again to see if it would re-evaluate. It did not, and locked it again to boot. I used the manual release again, but this time, pulling the when removing the cable, it turned light blue as normal. I thought it was because I tapped the release button on the cable, then immediately pressed it again (I forget to hold it sometimes because the mobile charger will release for 2-3 seconds with a press).

@Sunhelm I have the mid range and noticed my charge range increase as well.

4barkie | 25. tammikuu 2019

Darn, I am still on 42.3!

ST70 | 26. tammikuu 2019

@4barkie- make sure you have wifi wife didn't set it soon as I enabled it we got an update the next day