New Model X Trim Options

New Model X Trim Options

In the last few hours Tesla updated their site with the following options for the X.

Model X (270mi range)

Model X - Extended Range (295mi range)

Model X Performance

Model X Performance - Ludicrous Mode

I wonder what battery is used in the "Model X" (270mi range)?


sean | 29. tammikuu 2019

Perhaps a software limited 100kWh pack?

peter | 29. tammikuu 2019

270 would be the 100kWh.

254 is the 90 kWh.

sean | 29. tammikuu 2019

It looks like they are calling the "Model X 90D" just "Model X" now.


vaduri | 29. tammikuu 2019

What happens to folks like me who ordered a 75D in mid January? Any idea what Tesla did in the past when they transitioned over.
I initially had a delivery date of End of January and I got a text last night saying my delivery is moved to Early march. Any pointers would be great.

MyMXRed | 30. tammikuu 2019

I am also interested to know if any of the 75D already delivered will be eligible for 100D upgrade with the $8K or I have to pay the full $16K for upgrade. Either ways, sometimes i feel the tesla radical price updates is ridiculous.

avesraggiana | 30. tammikuu 2019

From what I've read on the TMC fora, all Model X and Model S batteries will use the 100 kWh battery pack.

The differences will largely be in the way they are software restricted.

Basically the choices are Model X/Model S, Extended Range, Performance and Ludicrous.

jjgunn | 30. tammikuu 2019

What's the difference between Performance & Ludicrous?

Rick1996 | 30. tammikuu 2019

Performance has 289 mile range, top speed of 155, and 0-60 of 3.5s, starting at 107,950.

Ludicrous adds 20% faster acceleration with 289 mile range, top speed of 155mph and 0-60 of 2.8s, starting at 127,950.

On a separate note, I have a 100D on order. I was originally told it would be available by the end of January but recently got a message saying it will be ready mid Feb to early March. If I were ordering now, I'd likely get the standard X rather than extended range. Does anyone know the best way to approach Tesla about adjusting the price to at least match the $1k price drop? Any other options?

jimglas | 30. tammikuu 2019

My MX dropped $5k from the time I placed my order until delivery. They will not drop the price from what you agreed to pay. If the price had gone up, your price would not go up.

Rick1996 | 30. tammikuu 2019

Has Tesla confirmed that they are using the same battery in the standard and extended range models? And that it will be able to be unlocked for a future fee?

jjgunn | 30. tammikuu 2019

My Model X 100D delivered in June 2018 has range of 295.

Getting about 0-60 in 4.4 or 4.5

Maybe my too range is only 145 mph? Sounds like a lot of this is software limited with the exception of P100D (Ludicrous) I think has 2 largest (power) electric motors where as 100D has rear power & front motor range. (smaller motor)

Is that accurate?

jjgunn | 30. tammikuu 2019

Top not too

wrr3jr | 01. helmikuu 2019

They updated my order that I placed in January for March delivery, dropped 1000$ off previous price...nice they did that! Can’t wait..