Sentry mode

Sentry mode

Did anyone receive this latest update from Tesla? 2019.5.1. I’m assuming it also includes the blind spot warning chime and geofenced automatic mirror folding that was reported on by a few sites several days back. Anyone get it yet? If so please post shots of the release notes.

C56spd | 07. toukokuu 2019

Looks like there are some nice updates to Sentry mode happening with 2019.16 I really like that Tesla listens and makes their products better! Couple more improvements I would like to see (maybe some of these are already in the works):
1 Sentry Mode to use less energy
2. Mark files on USB that contain indecent notification -
3. Make Sentry mode not quite as sensitive so that cars passing in the distance doesn't trigger recordings
4. Make incidents reviewable on screen in car and/or potentially on app.

I am sure there are other better ideas out there!

EVRider | 07. toukokuu 2019

Here’s an article describing the Sentry Mode changes (and others):

jimsaxman | 07. toukokuu 2019

...just need to press the dashcam button to download sentry video..." Where is the dashcam button?!

Daryl | 07. toukokuu 2019

@drlqpham "I'd find it really useful if it will automatically turn on when its not parked at home. How do I request a new feature for Sentry mode?"

The just announced 2019.16 version coming soon includes this capability, according to rumors.

finman100 | 07. toukokuu 2019

dashcam icon (no buttons except for hazard lights in a Model 3) is in the upper right area of the touchscreen...if, and only if, you have a USB drive plugged into one of the front USB slots (under the phone tray thingy), formatted to Fat32, and a folder on said USB drive that is called "TeslaCam".

That was a complete run-on sentence.

kekkars | 07. toukokuu 2019

I am new to Tesla. Apologize if this question is asked before.
How do you watch sentry mode videos? Do you get any alerts if sentry mode records any suspicious activity and at that point you can view the recording?

Alset Srotom | 07. toukokuu 2019

@kekkars when you get in your vehicle you will have on screen alerts for sentry "events" for things like motion.

If the issue is more serious you will get a notification via Tesla ap. To watch you remove the USB and plug it into your computer or phone if you buy an adapter

kekkars | 07. toukokuu 2019

Thanks Alset. Appreciate it.

frolovalevi0 | 07. toukokuu 2019

Hello all! I am recent user of DashCam on my Tesla 3 and recently tried to view he "events" that Tesla notified me about. But when I plugged my USB into my computer to watch them, there was nothing under the TeslCam folder. Did that happen to others? and what would be the main cause of recordings not to be on the USB drive?

EVRider | 08. toukokuu 2019

@frolovalevi0: Not sure if this is your issue, but you need to pause the dashcam before removing the USB to avoid corrupting the files. To be safe, wait 20 seconds or so after pausing recording before removing the USB.