License Plate Screw

License Plate Screw

I got all my paperwork in on my registration, went to my local county clerk, picked up my tag, and I can't get my old temp tag off. The top left screw just spins when I try to take it out. All the others ones came out just fine. I've called support and they're supposed to be calling me in 24-48 hours with options for mobile service, but as I'm over 200 miles from a service center, I don't know how long that will take. Any suggestions for removing that screw? I tried to put some pressure on it by pulling outward while screwing, but the temp plate is flimsy and I didn't want to rip it and leave myself tag less.

surfpearl | 19. helmikuu 2019

In situations like this I use tweezers (thin tip preferred) in one hand and screwdriver in the other. Open the tweezers about 1/4" and carefully slide its tips underneath the screw head so to straddle the screw stem. Grab the stem with the tweezers and gently apply pulling pressure on the screw head from underneath while simultaneously unscrewing the screw with the screwdriver in your other hand. Typically, this technique is needed only in the beginning, until the screw thread catches the plastic part that serves as the nut. After that the screwdriver alone will finish the job. If you don't have tweezers, a set of thin-blade scissors or needle-nose pliers would do.

dt22cc | 19. helmikuu 2019

Tesla used a plasic pry tool to slide behind the screw and give some leverage for the threads to catch. Similar to what @surfpearl said, but less chance to scratch paint with pliers or tweezers (assuming metal).

rkalbiarEV | 19. helmikuu 2019

It can be kinda tricky and a common issue. Just take it to Tesla and not risk scratching your paint.

mike | 19. helmikuu 2019

I just tried with a screwdriver using the temp tag to shield my paint and put some upward pressure while unscrewing but couldn't get it to come out more than an 1/8 of an inch. I don't have any pliers here at the office so I'm going to try with those when I get home. Failing all that, I guess I'll wait to see what Tesla says for mobile service. Driving to the service center would really be a whole day event that I'm trying to avoid having to do.

aptwo | 19. helmikuu 2019

This happened to me when I tried to install an after market frame that came with big screws. I'm not a handy man type of person so I end up leaving the screw stuck there until a mobile service came to fix it. If I were you I would just leave it stuck there until someone know what they're doing to get it out and not risk scratching your car.

rfadeel | 19. helmikuu 2019

I had to go to the service center to get my screw out. It was such a waste of a drive but I had to get it done. I should have waited for mobile service but wanted to get it out of the way

hassan | 19. helmikuu 2019

Same issue and I gave up as well. SC took care of it in 10mins.

May be worth calling the SC and asking them how they do it. The catch is that you likely can't reuse the spinning one to put the screw back in and will need a new one from Tesla anyway.