Five loud beeps?

Five loud beeps?

While driving in the city at around 30 mph I heard five loud beeps from the sound system. I was not particularly close to any other car, and there was no message on the screen. While the radio was on my impression is that this was a car sound rather than a radio sound. Any idea what this might have indicated?

markr7 | 19. helmikuu 2019

Collision Warning was triggered. I've had mine go off approaching speed bumps.

jowilson8888 | 19. helmikuu 2019

Same thing I think happened today to me. Didn't count the beeps, but just driving along, nothing in front, in back or on either side, driving about 30. Any way to stop it from happening?

Flanmansd | 19. helmikuu 2019

Happens to me on tight streets... Coming up on parked car I will get the collision alarm even though I am passing (rather closely) to the left. Certainly got me attention the first couple of times it happened.

CharleyBC | 19. helmikuu 2019

Yup, we've had this happen a few times, including the day we first picked up the car back in July. The common theme for us has been driving on a neighborhood street that's curving, with parked cars on the outside of the curve. My interpretation is that the Model 3 sees another car straight ahead and sounds the alarm--even though that car isn't actually in your path of travel since you're curving. I think the algorithm could be made smarter to consider the position of the steering and maybe map data to conclude that what looks like a collision course isn't really.

gballant4570 | 19. helmikuu 2019

What Flanmansd said - especially if there are cars parked on the side, curves in the road, and no strip between the parked cars an d travel lane.

Bighorn | 19. helmikuu 2019

Forward collision warning has several threshold settings available

DAlexModel3 | 19. helmikuu 2019

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks all!