Sentry Mode ideas

Sentry Mode ideas

Eventually, it would be nice if the interior camera was enabled, and streamed video to your phone that you could screenshot, should someone break in and start going through your things. It would also be cool that you could tell them to GTFO of your car over the car's stereo from the phone by pressing a mic button so to speak.

Anyone else have any ideas? :)

gmr6415 | 19. helmikuu 2019

1) Activate the rear camera

M3phan | 19. helmikuu 2019

Both excellent ideas.

jamilworm | 19. helmikuu 2019

or you could do emissions mode while they are rummaging through the car

kevin_rf | 20. helmikuu 2019

I was thinking, teen daughter mode, activates the interior camera, locks the fold down seats in the upright position, and enables emission mode when they place the car in park.

SPeditor | 20. helmikuu 2019

How about not allowing back seat to fold down from inside. In other words you would need to open the trunk to get them to fold down. Problem solved!

ripatriot | 20. helmikuu 2019

i think we need a tesla "not a taser" that looks like a usb drive and activates in sentry mode

Manjushr | 20. helmikuu 2019

@kevin_rf for the win