Sentry mode

Sentry mode

Noticed this today:
Sentry mode is armed / on and I walk up to my car ... I have the key thing enabled on my phone with blue tooth.
Anyway I open the trunk and take out a few boxes and then close down the trunk ‘ a little hard and the sentry mode goes off with the radio blasting inside !!
Is this right... surely the sentry mode should go off when I open the truck.. and not set off the alarm after I close it ...
Any suggestions ??

simonmclaughlin | 19. helmikuu 2019

I’ve also noticed that sentry mode turns it self off also in the setting sometimes !

terminator9 | 19. helmikuu 2019

I don't even have this update and I got in the car from the grocery store and the radio came on at 100%. Go figure!

terminator9 | 19. helmikuu 2019

Joys of a car that updates its software every month to give us new features.

guydude | 20. helmikuu 2019

My car is currently at SC... they said they are no longer releasing any 2019.XX updates at the moment. They updated me to 2018.50.6 and said that is the latest build they are able to install.

tripplett | 20. helmikuu 2019

@guydude - maybe they meant no more 2019 at the moment for model 3? According to TeslaFi 284 users installed 2019.4.2 today. Most were model S though. No 2019.5.x installs in a couple days for any model, at least none reported to TeslaFi.

LA-Fohlen | 20. helmikuu 2019

I think they still have bugs in their code, otherwise it would have been pushed out to a. lot more people. So far 2019.5.2 and 2019.5.3 have been pushed in limited numbers. Only 2019.4.2 has come to a wider audience and that is for the European market.

compchat | 21. helmikuu 2019

Where is the Sentry Mode option?

I have version 2018.50.6 on my 2017 (18?) Model 3 but have no sentry mode option. I'm not sure if my car is a 2017 or 2018 because I picked it up December 31 2017. I assume Sentry mode is in the update 2019.5.2 but I haven't received the option to install that yet. Any ideas as to when Tesla will resume installing Sentry Mode ?

ripatriot | 21. helmikuu 2019

the reason is likely in the post above yours.

they push updates slowly, especially with completely new features.

gmr6415 | 21. helmikuu 2019

There are obviously some glitches. Be patient. Those who have it will receive updates to fix the glitches and those who don't have it will receive an update with less glitches.