Can I add a kill switch to disable the frunk (frotn trunk) emergency release jumper mechanism?

Can I add a kill switch to disable the frunk (frotn trunk) emergency release jumper mechanism?

As we all know the frunk (front trunk) can be opened by connecting an external 12V battery to the cables that be popped out from the round button near the fog light area:

I am thinking about adding a kill switch to the hot (red)cable to disable this--has anyone else thought about doing this?

spuzzz123 | 20. helmikuu 2019

Why worry about something like this? Are you carrying gold bars in your Model 3? I believe that feature is to there to give first responders a way to access and safely disconnect the battery in case of an accident isn't it?

spuzzz123 | 20. helmikuu 2019

Maybe not, I'm sure they could crowbar their way in faster...

gmr6415 | 20. helmikuu 2019

Sentry mode is so new, so I don't know for sure, but after watching a few videos of the cars that have it, I think it would activate if someone started messing with the front of your car in order to open the port and access the jumper cables.

djharrington | 20. helmikuu 2019

I’m not sure if the first responders would take the time or not to open it with a battery. However, you might consider YOUR access to the frunk. If you placed a switch, and that switch was inaccessible to the outside of the vehicle, you’d feel funny if extreme measures had to be taken to replace your 12V battery (when all you would have needed to access the frunk is a 9V battery).

My advice would be to leave the access alone, carry homeowners or renters insurance for your personal belongs, and not live in fear of theft.

lilbean | 20. helmikuu 2019

You’re right, @dj. It might be faster to just pry that sucker open.

Frank99 | 20. helmikuu 2019

If a first responder wants into the Frunk, they're not going to spend minutes figuring out how to connect to those wires. They're gonna use a Halligan bar and open the hood in seconds.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 20. helmikuu 2019

Don't keep anything of consequence in the Frunk. Personally, I only keep my collection of used bandages in mine. Also my nude pictures of Ernest Borgnine.

But seriously, if your 12V battery dies, getting a jump start will be your only way to get your car home (short of calling the tow truck). The only way to get a jump is to open the Frunk with the 12V connection procedure.

You'll only be hurting yourself if you remove this option.

h2ev | 20. helmikuu 2019

@philip.chen, are you from Valhalla?

philip.chen | 20. helmikuu 2019

Thanks for the feedbacks--yes, leaving it alone is best. It's just that in our area teslas are being targeted for break-ins. I now fold down my back seat just to show my empty rear trunk and leave no valuables in the vehicle.

Hopefully, sentry mode works.

mike | 20. helmikuu 2019

I just make sure not to carry anything of consequence in my frunk. All I've got in there is my mobile connector, a heavy duty extension cord, and a seat protector for when I need to have my dog in the car. Like others have said, you're going to feel really bad when someone has to take extreme measures that may damage your hood to get access to that 12v battery one day.

efuseakay | 20. helmikuu 2019

Sentry mode works as intended. A deterrent. Not a preventative measure.

rxlawdude | 20. helmikuu 2019

I thought original documentation on the frunk release stated an external battery would only work if the 12V battery was dead.

hokiegir1 | 20. helmikuu 2019

@Neomaxizoomdweebie - I would have expected Barry Manilow's wardrobe in your frunk.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 20. helmikuu 2019

hokiegir1, nice one! Was going for a different 80’s reference. Think stand up comedy.

spuzzz123 | 20. helmikuu 2019

You know I thought I adequately corrected that thought about first-responders, but in these forums, as in poker, "a card laid is a card played" lol...