Does the panoramic roof still exist?

Does the panoramic roof still exist?

Now that nearly all (all?) sales are moving online, what is the status of the panoramic roof—and any other “off menu” items—that were apparently still available to those who asked?

I love the panoramic roof in my 2015. Obviously, it opens which is the point—but it also has roof rack bolt points; and I can hang my performing clothes (tuxes/suits) anywhere around the inside lip. I would hate for it to go away forever but…who really knows? I rue the day, but I’ll eventually need a new S.

ATCRomes | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I've had issues with my pano but overall I'm torn when thinking about ever having to replace the car with one that did not have a pano.

The roof racks are now available for use with All Glass roofs. They use an attachment that hooks under the glass edge. Check it out in the online shop.

Not sure about third party hooks or just hanging things freely in All Glass roof cars but I would assume the headliner area is similar to pano cars.

EVRider | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I don’t think the elimination of Tesla stores should impact your ability to order “off menu” items, as long as they’re still offered. You just need to contact Tesla after placing your order to have them make the adjustment. I don’t know if the sunroof is still offered, but I would guess it is.

Anthony J. Parisio | 03. maaliskuu 2019

I talked with a Tesla rep. He said there will no longer be a sunroof.

thomaslee731 | 17. maaliskuu 2019

Don't trust the Tesla rep. Some of them don't know the answer. they simply say no. Tweet Elon or ask more Tesla rep.

kevincwong | 17. maaliskuu 2019

I would assume that pano/sunroofs will continue to be offered unless Tesla determines otherwise, but my guess is that such options adds a bit of margin per unit sold. If the glass, mechanisms, or reliability becomes an issue then sure I can see them moving away from the option, but I think Tesla out to focus more of profitability for the sake of self-preservation.