Discounts on AP and FSD for all current M3 owners

Discounts on AP and FSD for all current M3 owners

There’s a lot of anger on the price decrease. One thing that Tesla can do is offer heavy discounts on AP and FSD to all current owners. That would be a good move on their part. They would generate more income while appeasing their loyal customers. So how about:
$1000 for AP if you have none, $6000 to get both
If you bought EAP, $3000 to get FSD.

I know this won’t satisfy everyone. Whiners will whine. But will be a good move.

M3phan | 01. maaliskuu 2019

FSD is currently available for $3K if you already have EAP

Ttesla | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I'll vote for that. Money is ready if they do that.

thedrisin | 01. maaliskuu 2019

@t-bui.6k for FSD if you purchased no previous autopilot and total 8k if you already have EAP. WT?

njchillie | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I’m in.

jimglas | 01. maaliskuu 2019

What do you think would be "fair" if one already purchased EAP and FSD?

andrewlee05 | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I was personally waiting for AP to drop to $3k before buying, but now they stripped out some features, so still on the fence and not quite at $3k yet. Maybe I’ll get it with the Model Y.

RES IPSA | 01. maaliskuu 2019

@jimglas... those owners should get a year of free supercharging

RES IPSA | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I will also add that in addition to a year of free supercharging, Tesla should etch their name and photo on glass and launch it into deep space... ;)

jim | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I have EAP and my account page is now offering FSD for $3,000. I think it's fair price and plan to order it soon.

RES IPSA | 01. maaliskuu 2019

@OP... $1000 is too low for the new AP package, in my opinion. $2000-$3000 is fair based upon previous pricing for EAP and the features it included.

I just want Tesla to let me buy the new AP package for $3000 (like they do for new buyers now). But Tesla wants me to pay $4000, which I will not do

metz123 | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I will but I can't get the transaction to complete (error processing transaction, you have not been charged). Anyone else been able to get it to go through on the web site?

dt22cc | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I don't think $1000 is too low for basic AP (TACC and lane keep), which is standard on a lot of cars now.

ben | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I would say FSD worth > $10k, but AP just adaptive cruise control + stay in lane. So, I still have to stay awake. so, it is only suitable for long distant highway. I don't feel that worth $2k.

But I still doubt FSD is mature yet. Even FSD is mature, it has to pass regulator. that will take 5 years.

2015P90DI | 01. maaliskuu 2019

Tesla broke the mold by refunding $5,000 to all owners who paid for the Performance Upgrade package that was included in the base Performance model pricing after just a few weeks. But, don't expect that to happen.

For those complaining about having paid more for EAP, keep in mind that EAP is superior to the AP being offered for $3,000 today. So, you are getting more.

The downside to the pricing change is everyone's car value just dropped by several thousands of dollars. Prior to the 28th, I was still able to add on FSD to my EAP for $7,000. WAY TOO HIGH and would never have done it. Today, it's down to $3,000. Man, I would have been pissed if I had paid the $7,000. But, even at $3,000, can't justify that it's worth it unless real world use of FSD proves to be amazing. Nav on AP drives me nuts, so I can't imagine giving the car even more control until Tesla learns how to program to react more like actual drivers will instead of like my 100 year old grandma who can't see anymore and drives like it. That's what Nav on AP reminds me of. No thanks.

While Tesla is under absolutely no obligation to do so, being that everyone's car values just declined by several thousands of dollars, I think it would be a nice concession if Tesla just upgraded all EAP owners to FSD at no cost, as a thank you for being an early adopter that paid, not only a premium price for the car, but for EAP as well. We also contributed to providing actual on road miles for the system to learn, thus Tesla would never have made it to FSD (and it still hasn't) without us. But again, they are under no obligation to do so. EAP owners will always have more function than regular AP owners, so we're still ahead. Maybe someday, Tesla will reduce the price even further.

I just read that EAP owners will get Advanced summon, so we'll only be lacking traffic sign/light recognition and auto lane change on city streets.

t_bui | 01. maaliskuu 2019

Most people who bought last year lost ~2k after factoring in tax credit. So it would be nice if they can apply the lost $$ toward autopilot. Sounds very reasonable to me since software doesn’t really cost Tesla any extra. More people use auto pilot. Tesla makes some more money. Happy customers. Everybody wins. Let’s pitch this to Elon.

hannes | 01. maaliskuu 2019

@RES IPSA -- they are offering us that have EAP to purchase FSD for $3,000 - you can do it under the Manage page

hannes | 01. maaliskuu 2019

Sorry, misread your comment, never mind.

Jmereminsky | 01. maaliskuu 2019

As someone who purchased the old definition of EAP at purchase, didn't pay $3K then for FSD but is being offered FSD again for $3k, why should I do it? What's the probability that I'm just buying a worthless future?

Believe me, I'm tempted - but I keep asking myself that question.

RES IPSA | 01. maaliskuu 2019

@hannes... I do not currently have EAP or FSD. I did not want to buy EAP in June 2018 for 5k. I had no interest in summon or autopark. And at the time of my ordering, test drives were not available. So I did not want to spend 5k on something I could not try out first. Teh they offer me a free 2 week trial in September but they want me to pay an extra $500 (5.5k) to purchase it. I said no.

Now they offer the two features I want for 4k, but it is 3k to people who order now. I just want the 3k price.

As for FSD, Tesla is smart to offer some sort of current value to it, but it is still not worth the money to me. I will just buy a Level 4 or 5 autonomous vehicle when they are ready to go year from now.

t_bui | 01. maaliskuu 2019

I meant $1k to upgrade to FSD from EAP. The point is to get $2k credit for early adopters.

thedrisin | 01. maaliskuu 2019


Mikepdoyle27 | 02. maaliskuu 2019

I logged into my Tesla Canada account. It still costs me $5300 to add AP. When will this drop down to $3000?

t_bui | 02. maaliskuu 2019

Wow, Tesla is doing the right thing. Although it is 2k instead of 1k like I proposed. But FSD is only 5k instead of 6k. Good job Tesla. However, people who paid for everything only get early access. Can’t please everyone.

rjwhatley | 03. lokakuu 2019

i paid 3000 for AP in march April, by the time the car was delivered AP was free, and EAP was discontinued replaced by FSD i wish for those who paid for AP that they would give EAP to us free with a discount to by FSD for the future at a small discount

jjgunn | 03. lokakuu 2019

Yeah.....all that matters in this little equation is you. F*** everyone else.

If Tesla wants a money grab, they simply need to lower the price of FSD to $3k (instead of the current $6k)

I'll bet 100,000 people minimum buy it at that price. Which, if my math is correct, is $300 Million in pure profit. I predict Maybe as high as 80% of the Tesla owners who don't have it, would buy it.

stevehendler | 03. lokakuu 2019

Having AP standard on all cars would back up their claim as the safest cars on the road and their dedication to safety. They're already saying all new cars come with it.

andy.connor.e | 03. lokakuu 2019

If Tesla was money grabbing, Autopilot and FSD will be monthly subscriptions with yearly contracts that have a cancellation fee. Access to spotify will be subscription based on top of the cars internet access being subscription based with navigation also subscription. Did you want this weeks software update? sorry that will cost you money to update to the new features. I bet all of you have heard of that summon feature right? Well thats going to cost you monthly in order to be able to use, and dont forget about homelink which is also a yearly fee. Everyone know those superchargers? Its going to cost you an annual fee in order to use them on top of being charged per kWh that you use. Mobile service will also charge you a convenience fee for showing up even if nothing needs to be done.

Please let me know if theres anything i missed.

AWDTesla | 03. lokakuu 2019

Never going to buy AP on my model 3 out of principle. New ones come with it, making my original deal even shittier.

stevehendler | 03. lokakuu 2019

AWDTesla, and they can't use "production ramp" as an excuse for why the newer cars have AP either and 2018 buyers got jipped.

andy.connor.e | 03. lokakuu 2019

The car price increased slightly since then and now FSD is $6k. Im not sure who got jipped

stevehendler | 03. lokakuu 2019

Talking about basic AP

andy.connor.e | 03. lokakuu 2019

guess u got jipped

km94555 | 03. lokakuu 2019

I bought my Model 3 in july 2018 with no auto-pilot features. My Tesla page show the Basic AP cost as $3000 and FSD as $6000. So, a total of $9000 to get all the auto-pilot features?

I hear that some see a reduced price on their Tesla page. Is that true?

jjgunn | 03. lokakuu 2019

Nope....nobody sees a "reduced Price"

OCModel3 | 03. lokakuu 2019

Agree with AWDTesla. Those of us who bought in 2018 and who did not buy autopilot now have no reason to fork over $9K for it. I scraped together everything I had to be able to buy the Model 3 with the dual motor and chose the dual instead of spending the extra $5K on autopilot.

I still love driving the car, which is a good thing since there will be no autopilot on it now with the way Tesla changed the pricing!

AWDTesla | 03. lokakuu 2019

Exactly. Same thing here, spent the extra coin for performance. I'll buy a newer Tesla with basic AP included before I purchase it for this car.

wiscy67 | 03. lokakuu 2019

AP isn't now free on new models. The price of the car went up by the cost of AP right when AP was included.

Rodo | 03. lokakuu 2019

Yeap. I bought in 2018 and no money left for any EAP/AP/FSD option. They had the sale in January after they drop the price of the car but still had no money. Now I would pay $2k for AP but it is $3k. I'm not interested in FSD. Tesla really needs a way to tell me if and when they lower the price though ... last time I found out about the price reduction of AP ($2k) here in this forum. I never got an email from Tesla telling about it ... then it was gone in like two weeks.

km94555 | 03. lokakuu 2019

Yes, a total of $9k seems too steep to get AP+FSD for those of us who bought the car in 2018 after already spending close to 60K. Also, looks like the $6000 for FSD may just slowly start increasing over time, according to Elon. Wondering if we will get priced out and never be able to get into FSD if we dont purchase it sooner.

I'm considering buying the AP for now for $3000 and worry about the FSD later. FSD has some problems to iron out before it can become fully/more reliable. My colleague just met with an accident (thankfully no one was hurt) when FSD was engaged.

rjwhatley | 03. lokakuu 2019

andy may be on something. AP free for all with FSD as a forced yearly subscription for the first 4yrs then its yours for the remainder of you car ownership of the telsa

andy | 03. lokakuu 2019

I'd like the ability to lane change on indicator (or for the car to even try and change lanes on its own) as an option to add onto Autopilot and would pay for this increment,

I don't really want to pay for FSD yet though as there is so much work to do before it would work in the UK - even just in the mortorways. Might be tempted when the base car can deal with variable real-time mandatory limits and lane closures and has a speed limiter as this would be the signal that FSD is not too far behind for motorway use.

cpeppey | 03. lokakuu 2019

km94555 if you buy FSD AP is included you don't need to buy both.

km94555 | 03. lokakuu 2019

cpeppy - You would need to buy both FSD and AP. In other words, you cant buy FSD alone. You need to buy AP in order to buy FSD. In my case, that works out to $3000 (for AP) + $6000 (for FSD).

cpeppey | 03. lokakuu 2019

km94555 talk to a delivery person I think that is not true. be a shame if it was.

rjwhatley | 03. lokakuu 2019

andy lanechange, navigate on AP and homelink button on app is all i need. I would pay for this everything else i dont need, well maybe summon but only to back out of a parking lot when someone parks too close to your car

km94555 | 03. lokakuu 2019

@cpeppey - i checked with Tesla support. Unfortunately, its true. You need to buy AP in order to buy FSD. In my case, that works out to $3000 (for AP) + $6000 (for FSD).

AWDTesla | 03. lokakuu 2019

wiscy67, no.

I paid $71 400 CDN for my dual motor with no AP in Nov 1st, 2018.

Same car today WITH AP is $65 990 CDN.

jjgunn | 03. lokakuu 2019

And of course you wouldn't be driving the car for 11 months.

Quit whining.

If the price of the car had gone up to $75k CDN you'd be giving Tesla more money, yes?

Some people are never happy & live to complain. It's asinine.

jjgunn | 03. lokakuu 2019 exact config which includes AP is about $4k USD cheaper. And I bought my car in April 2019. You don't see me crying.

lbowroom | 03. lokakuu 2019

With $1875 less inventive, right? Or did you factor that in?