Ceramic coating in SF Bay Area

Ceramic coating in SF Bay Area

I’ve read countless threads about ceramic coatings over the past few days and have two questions that I couldn’t seem to find addressed:

1. Has anyone had experience with Autobody Detail Specialist in San Francisco? I’m considering either that shop or OCDetailing in Fremont, which is farther from my home in the city.

2. Still trying to decide between OptiCoat Pro and OptiCoat Pro+. Wondering if anyone has an A/B experience—particularly on a black M3?

Thanks in advance!

Justaguy | 03. maaliskuu 2019

When I got my car I was looking for ceramic coating that did not cost a fortune. I found a guy that would do it in my garage and his charge was about 25% of doing it in a shop. He did a paint correction then the optical coating. I am quite happy with it. You can clean the exterior with a lawn blower. And I wash it about 2x a month. His name is Darrel Cheung and his phone is 925-915-9223. If you use him please let him know where you got the referral. Good luck and enjoy the car.

Shesmyne2 | 03. maaliskuu 2019

After 4yrs of ownership of our S we took it to OCD for CQuartz coating. The paint correction and CQuartz done was unbelievably good. Car looked new!
Joe Torbati does excellent work and many Teslas.
While it may not be the most convenient for you I assure you will not be disappointed.
I highly recommend OCD.

Still Grinning ;-)

sarya | 03. maaliskuu 2019

OC detailing in Fremont. I live 30 miles away and still went. They did an amazing job on my paint correction/ceramic. Wish I had done my PPF there as well.

Phase2Phase | 03. maaliskuu 2019

OCDetailing for sure. Call stat for an appointment though... I’ll bet he is quite busy. I did the cquartz finest and paint correction ect... joe and his team are great. Joe is a great guy. They do top notch tinting as well.

jbstafford | 04. maaliskuu 2019

Thanks everyone for the advice. I’m going to take it to OCDetailing just as soon as I can make the appointment.

eelsm | 11. maaliskuu 2019

@Justaguy thanks for the info. Darrell did a good job for my black MR today with Ceramic Pro at a reasonable price.

akhilesh | 20. kesäkuu 2019

I recently purchased a CPO model S, which was previously used in east coast and not very well maintained.

So I decided to find a detailer for the paint correction and ceramic coating in Bay Area. Didn’t feel the need for PPF as it can be quite expensive.

Most of the detailers around use Ceramic Pro, which seems to be readily available and their sales team is doing a good job. But I also learnt that the ceramic pro requires regular maintenance checks with the detailer to maintain warranty. And I didn’t want to deal with that overhead.

It think the best options are either Cquartz, which is only available through OCD or the OptiCoat Pro, which is available through Xscend Detailing. I chose the later for few reasons:
1. Cquartz Finest Reserve definitely seems to be a great product. But since it also requires regular maintenance by applying CarPro reload after washes. Not sure how frequently though.
2. While OCD is great, it also had a much longer wait and priced higher with little flexibility on the package I needed.

Alternatively, looking at Xscend Detailing, I found Suat and his team extremely professional and really great reviews online. With a great product of OptiCoat, a really caring detailer and flexible options for coating, Xscend was a no brainer for me. And I am super impressed by the output. Even on this 2yr old vehicle, all major scratches are gone and it has now an amazing smooth finish. It’s been over couple months and I don’t really feel the need to even wash.

Highly recommend looking into OptiCoat Pro+ with Xscend.