2019 Model S Battery Standard vs Long Range

2019 Model S Battery Standard vs Long Range

I undestand that batteriesis should be kept charged at between 20% and 80%. I’m reading that for 2019 the standard battery is the same as the long range battery but limited by software to a range of 270 miles. My question is, since the same battery could have a range of 335 if it was not limit d by software, is it safe to charge it at 100% and always have 270 miles available? Is the standard battery still recommended to be charge at only 80%?

vp09 | 03. maaliskuu 2019


Amengual | 03. maaliskuu 2019

Yes to safe at 100% or yes to it is still recommended to on,y charge at 80%?

vp09 | 03. maaliskuu 2019

Yes, charge to 80 percent. But I see your point-- if you have a software-limited battery, then it is actually a Long Range battery, so if you charged it to 100 percent, you'd really be charging it to 80 percent. Or something like that. Good question. I withdraw my "Yes" and change it to "I don't know."

I'm sure there are hundreds of others on this Forum who will have perfect knowledge on this topic, and may answer your interesting inquiry with grace. -- Vern

Bighorn | 03. maaliskuu 2019

Not sure which question vp09 is answering, but I’d say not to charge to 100% regardless.

vp09 | 03. maaliskuu 2019

Bighorn, how about his idea that his software limited battery charged to 100 percent is actually only 80 charged?

Did I meet you at the Hawthorne Reveal of something a couple years ago? Or was that Shoeless Bob? Or maybe someone else-- SamO-- where is SamO?

Bighorn | 03. maaliskuu 2019

Huge debates over whether it’s safe or not. I was told by a very tech savvy Tesla employee that it wasn’t a good idea. I was with SamO yesterday in San Diego. He accidentally lost his posting privileges when he tried to live blog a conference call. He eventually got back the privilege, but got out of the habit of participating. Don’t think we’ve met.

RedJ | 03. maaliskuu 2019

This is basically the same question from a couple of years ago for the 75 SW limited to 60. It sounds like a good theory that you should be able to charge regularly to 100% and be the equivalent to <80%. The problem is you don’t know what part of the battery is limited: the top, bottom, or a bit of both.

The best answer is not to charge past 90% on a regular basis, but don’t worry if you charge to 100% for the occasional long trip.

Munka | 04. maaliskuu 2019

The real question is are we sure the standard range car is software limited or its like the M3 and actually had less cells.

If it is software limited then yes you are safe to charge above 80% all the time. If it is less cells then no you are not.

Munka | 04. maaliskuu 2019

Oh also, given the performance numbers are lower on the standard range I think that means there are less packs in parallel so less power. But it's just an assumption.

Bighorn | 04. maaliskuu 2019

They announced it was software limited, which does not mean it’s safe to range charge and performance is a function of software as well as battery spec. Bad assumptions all around. Hopefully they get to a point where they can use fewer cells, but there will be some who will pay to increase their range after the sale, so they’ll recapture some of their losses.

daranello | 10. heinäkuu 2019

Well it’s easy to figure this out. Charge to 100% and tell me if your regen is limited. Yes if its NOT limited then I would assume your safe.