Estimated Delivery: 2-4 weeks is not accurate

Estimated Delivery: 2-4 weeks is not accurate

Please be aware Estimated Delivery: 2-4 weeks is not accurate.
I don't know why they show it on their site. They should take it off before new customers complain.

stopnair | 07. maaliskuu 2019

what is it then? and how do you know?

-TheJohn- | 07. maaliskuu 2019

I've noticed a lot of people get their cars in less than one week at times.
Perhaps that's what they mean by inaccurate.
All kidding aside Tesla's timelines do get a bit stretched at times, shrug.
You youngsters and your impatience! I had to wait 866 days for mine. Hurry up and wait!

jithesh | 07. maaliskuu 2019

That's why its called "Estimated"

lbowroom | 07. maaliskuu 2019

I would imagine that's configuration dependent.

Maxxer | 07. maaliskuu 2019

waited 1063 days to configure
I want to wait 90 days before taking delivery because I have a gigantic 10 foot frozen igloo in my backyard exactly where the car is going to charge.

Maxxer | 07. maaliskuu 2019

in 3 months I expect it to have melt to a point I’m not going to have to drive my dodge caravan in circles around the neighborhood to accelerate global warming

c.berg | 07. maaliskuu 2019

just checked and is now showing 6-8 weeks for SR and 2-4 weeks for SR+

Dravize | 07. maaliskuu 2019

It hasn't even been 2 weeks...I am staying positive and hoping the timelines will be accurate, hopefully there is more movement before next Thursday.

OCModel3 | 07. maaliskuu 2019

Do not underestimate the fact that March 31st is the end of a quarter where Elon has already warned of a profit loss and Tesla just reduced its cash position substantially by paying off debt.

It's fair to assume the company is going to push to close as many sales of the M3 as is possible before the end of the month. This is a significant quarter being that it is the first quarter after the reduction of the tax credit and Tesla is going to want to continue to show strong sales.

So be hopeful that it will be 2-4 weeks delivery for those that confirmed their purchase in early March. And be sure to check your account frequently--my VIN # showed up before I got the e-mail with the delivery date and time. Have all your documents lined up (submitted online), including proof of insurance (once you get your VIN) and you may be driving your new car before the end of the month.

terminator9 | 07. maaliskuu 2019

When I ordered mine, it said 2-3 months. I got it within 10 days. Who knows how long ago Tesla started building the common versions of SR/SR+ and started stacking them up at the airports.

phil | 07. maaliskuu 2019

Now the website says 6-8 weeks. I guess it WASN'T accurate.

Keelandb | 07. maaliskuu 2019

We put down a deposit of $1,000.00 on March 31, 2016. We paid $2500.00 and ordered on March 1, 2019. We live in Louisiana, where there are no showrooms. I really don't expect delivery in anything less than four weeks. Probably a bit longer, but I'm fine with that.
I would like the ability to watch a movie (on internet or memory stick) while waiting for a charge to complete at a supercharger. It would also be nice if Tesla would install superchargers in New Orleans. Only three superchargers in all of Louisiana, and one is in Lake Charles???

Maxxer | 07. maaliskuu 2019

SR: 6-8 weeks
SR+: 2-4 weeks
LR: <2 weeks

SR ordered 1 week ago: Estimated Delivery: 2 - 4 weeks from order placed date

Yaks2much4u | 07. maaliskuu 2019

I ordered the LR RWD on 2/28. I’ve done all the financing just waiting on a VIN. I hope it comes soon. I can’t wait!

Blacklamb | 07. maaliskuu 2019

It's a good sign that the new orders are bumping out as I expected them to but my order is still showing under two weeks from order date. This is for a SR+ in Black.

moabchick | 07. maaliskuu 2019

We placed an order for SR+ in black on March 1, 2019. My account still says "within 2 weeks of order" and I just got a VM today from someone in the Littleton SC to discuss delivery arrangements!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!! (note - still no VIN in my account and Edit button still there - but I'm not concerned.)

moabchick - formerly Rooneyclan2

Dravize | 07. maaliskuu 2019


That ship date is reflective of the people who place the order NOW, not before. We still don’t know if the original ship date is accurate until we go past the promised ship date.

skynad78 | 02. huhtikuu 2019

That make me laft... People that have wait 3 years for it and tell us thats is nothing to wait a month, its completely different. 3 years ago you were aware that its was goiing to be a lots of time before getting it. Now the systeme is telling us some time before delivery, so we sell are car, we make arrengement for a time approx time delivery, and it never arrive and we have to deal with no car anymore for really longer than it suppose to be... like in my case... Hi have order March 1st Model 3 LR Black with black int. At the time of order it was saying: Estimated Delivery: within 2 weeks from order placed date. I still have no news about anything and not have receive a VIN either... Sold my car 6 weeks ago.. Im getting really sick of waiting and starting to have transportation serious issue... Please Tesla give us some news.... RN109272999

sahil_udeshi | 10. huhtikuu 2019

Ordered 03/13/2019 LR DUAL MOTOR called my DA and he gave me 2019 vin .Car in transit Delivery date 04/20/2019 cant wait to get delivery

Tomt | 10. huhtikuu 2019

I ordered mine on March 16 and took delivery on March 29, 2019...

2019 LR FSD, Sport Wheels, Silver Metallic, black interior

Maxxer | 11. huhtikuu 2019

have you got any update on your estimated delivery?

NapaChris | 11. huhtikuu 2019

I configured and ordered mine at 9pm, Wednesday, March 27. Got a notification that same night that I could take delivery on March 31.
No joke. 4 days later. From configuration to delivery in 4 days.
I was stunned!

zgranata | 16. huhtikuu 2019

I ordered mine on 3/31 LR AWD - white on white with FSD.

Crickets still. I wish they were more of a more clear about how variable the date is. I sold my car a week after ordering the M3 and have been without a car since. Not easy with how much I have to drive.

For those who can wait, you should have a similar option to amazon - no rush shipping gets you xx months of free super charging

LorenD | 16. huhtikuu 2019

Ordered Model 3 March 1. Delivered Mar 30. Seattle area. Car is great to drive. No defects that I am aware of

PittCaleb | 16. huhtikuu 2019

Ordered Sunday (4/14), arriving on the 24th, 10 days. 2 weeks accurate in NJ for the model/features/color I wanted.

crmedved | 16. huhtikuu 2019

@zgranata You should call or visit your local service center / store and ask them. I ordered a AWD deep blue metallic with white seats and they had two just chillin at the SC for sale. Of course, they may or may not be 2019 vins (but 2018 vins will come with a discount). I could have picked up same day if I had financing in place!

AS_ES | 08. heinäkuu 2019

LR is now >2 months. I ordered mine on June and delivery is the end of August

NYCTeslaMan | 08. heinäkuu 2019

I ordered mine on June 3 and it was delivered and June 15, with a two week estimate. So it just beat two weeks but quite accurate.

NYCTeslaMan | 08. heinäkuu 2019

I ordered mine on June 3 and it was delivered and June 15, with a two week estimate. So it just beat two weeks but quite accurate.

Joshan | 08. heinäkuu 2019

I got mine in 6 days, could have been 5 but I made them wait a day.

St☰v☰ | 08. heinäkuu 2019

Mine was 3 days, Ordered April 9th and they delivered it to my house on the 12th.

LLCoolJW | 09. heinäkuu 2019

less than a week for me from Cali to Wisco

seemoregreens | 20. elokuu 2019

I ordered on Aug 12th...hoping for delivery before August 26th (fingers crossed).

2015P90DI | 20. elokuu 2019

Don't know about the Model 3 order times. Custom ordered my Model S. Delivery estimate was two weeks. Had it in my driveway in 9 days.

EVonne M3rie | 20. elokuu 2019

We ordered our Model 3 on the 1st of August and it said it would take 2 weeks. We had all of our paperwork submitted by the 5th and our Model 3 was sitting in my driveway on the 8th. I hadn't even had time to get the wall charger installed.

MattBrownTX | 20. elokuu 2019

Ordered July 26.... still waiting

darilds | 20. elokuu 2019

Ordered mine the first week of August with a two week estimated deliver window. 14 days later I received my Tesla 3 SR+ in my driveway. I've had it less than a week and love it!

Noper | 20. elokuu 2019

Some configurations take longer. Ask your sales person and they should be able to give you a better estimate. My guy told me a white interior will be delayed until end of this month or beginning of next, and I told him I was willing to wait.

apodbdrs | 20. elokuu 2019

Ordered 2nd new LR Model 3 on Friday, Aug 9, delivered, today Tuesday Aug 20th, basically a working week. because there were two weekend!

pdxgolfnut | 21. elokuu 2019

Ordered mine on August 7th. Today is exactly 2 weeks, and no word. :(

pdxgolfnut | 21. elokuu 2019

For those of you that have had your TM3 delivered, once you got your VIN #, how long until you received your car?

stevec | 21. elokuu 2019

My order was July 29th and still no word. Not sure if it is a white leather thing. Or a performance thing.

gparrot | 21. elokuu 2019

Ordered mine on July 30th, expected delivery date August 28th, 4 weeks on the nose though I was told to expect it in two to three weeks...
Three days ago, I asked the Delivery Service for my VIN number to file for proper insurance. It still doesn’t show up on my phone’s app.

jehle2000 | 21. elokuu 2019

Ordered White Long range 18" wheels, black interior on July 29th, still waiting......

theo181 | 21. elokuu 2019

I ordered my M3 on July 27, 2019 with a promise of two-to-three weeks delivery. It was delivered on August 9 (two weeks). I got the VIN number a few days before delivery.

andy | 21. elokuu 2019

Ordered in UK mid-July, changed order when the price dropped a few days later, delivered early Aug.

subhashini_desigan | 21. elokuu 2019

Ordered Aug 6th, white, black interior, long range AWD.. still waiting for VIN...

virgored | 21. elokuu 2019

In the UK
Ordered 1st May
Got a date , date then cancelled by tesla
Blue, Black interior, Long Range, AWD still waiting for VIN.

texM3AWD | 21. elokuu 2019

ordered July 15th, scheduled for July 30th delivery, then pushed out to August 6th, ended up taking delivery on August 1st as car arrived early and it only took them 2 days to get it ready. so around 2 weeks was pretty much spot on here in Texas. your mileage may vary depending on trailer transport or container train from Fremont.

2015P90DI | 21. elokuu 2019

Car won't show up on your phone app until you take delivery. Your online Tesla account should show the car. Click on "details" and if the VIN has been assigned, it should be there.