Apple care play

Apple care play

Will Tesla ever incorporate or add Apple CarPlay so that I can have Siri read text and originate text messages while driving. Of course it would be great to have apps like audible and other apps that are built into CarPlay. Being an Apple enthusiast and wanting my iPhone Xs max to be fully integrated is not too much to ask for what is probably the most high tech car on the road. | 16. maaliskuu 2019

Please - no need to spam multiple forums with the same question (that has also be talking about in many threads). To repeat from your other post in General:

Short answer: unlikely.

One thought is Tesla is very strong on safety. Some reports show texting (even by voice) is so distracting it is equivalent to driving drunk - not very good for safety. Other automakers just don't care - great if you total your car and have to buy a new one - more money in their pocket.

Anyway, much more pro/con here:

And a super long thread here:

yabouzaid | 16. maaliskuu 2019

Are you telling me that entering and address by voice and radio station while driving is safer?

Clifspears | 17. maaliskuu 2019 - NOT spamming anything - just didn't know which forum would be appropriate for my comments/ question. And BTW am I missing something or is the TESLA FORUM missing something - how do you search for forum topics that have already discussed?

bob | 17. maaliskuu 2019

funny you should ask TeslaTap, since his website solved that issue years ago:

:) | 17. maaliskuu 2019

@Clifspears - Sorry, I was likely too harsh. Just a lot a spamming lately in the forums. Likely the general forum is the best place for a general purpose question that applies to all cars.

The Owner's Manual Companion offers a number of good search options for the forums:

@yabouzaid - Yes, entering address/radio station is done in seconds, so far safer. Text messaging takes far longer, hours for some avid texters and requires more mental energy. The distraction level of texting is getting so bad (i.e. causing lots of accidents) that there is talk of banning texting while driving. Not sure how that could be made to work though. You really have to ask yourself is texting worth getting into an accident or potentially killing someone. Perhaps when we have FSD it makes more sense to allow texting.