Finally! Posting is now limited to Tesla owners! Should be a LOT less SPAM!

Finally! Posting is now limited to Tesla owners! Should be a LOT less SPAM!

This is great! Hopefully no more SPAM!

jamespompi | 21. maaliskuu 2019

What about the people that are looking for questions to be answered before prior to purchase? They should make the forum more user friendly if they want to limit the posts to owners.

jamespompi | 21. maaliskuu 2019

I cant even post... I've had my car since August.

SO | 21. maaliskuu 2019

@jamespompi - even though you are an owner, you still have to contact tesla at the email at the top of this page. They don’t automatically grant you to the forum. (They should....but they don’t.)

Mike83 | 21. maaliskuu 2019

Great news.

pinball_player | 21. maaliskuu 2019

I guess I can reply as a non owner though.

mbowden | 21. maaliskuu 2019

I'm not an owner, but came here to ask a few questions and get an idea of what to expect, I guess some are grandfathered in?

lilbean | 21. maaliskuu 2019

Love it!

Mike83 | 21. maaliskuu 2019

It also slows down the Astroturfing from trolls.

lilbean | 21. maaliskuu 2019

If non owners want information, a simple google search is all that is needed.

jimglas | 21. maaliskuu 2019

I won't miss mos and the climate trolls

El Mirio | 21. maaliskuu 2019

@lilbean A lot of people don't know how to ask the right questions to get the desired answers using google, I know its counter intuitive, but I have observed this at work often, even with younger generations.

SJMYY | 21. maaliskuu 2019

I guess having an order in for a MY makes me a verified owner? Or can anyone still just reply to existing posts?

El Mirio | 21. maaliskuu 2019

You can reply you cannot post new topics, verified owner status is only granted after car purchase.

jimglas | 21. maaliskuu 2019

I have been an owner for a year and cannot get superpowers.

El Mirio | 21. maaliskuu 2019

@jimglas you have to unlock it by contacting

jimglas | 21. maaliskuu 2019

have done that several times. I will try again.

TabascoGuy | 21. maaliskuu 2019

So is the only way a non-owner can ask a question here is to hijack an existing thread?

TabascoGuy | 21. maaliskuu 2019

Ha ha ha! The Captcha store front test for that last post showed a picture of the "MOS Burger" restaurant.

El Mirio | 21. maaliskuu 2019

@TabascoGuy Seems that way. Think reservation holders should have an option to post new topics/questions.

carlk | 21. maaliskuu 2019

Looks non-owners still can post but just not to start a thread. I think that is great.

T35LAX | 21. maaliskuu 2019

Posting two or more topic about same issue is spam too, isn't it?

blue adept | 21. maaliskuu 2019

It is a welcomed necessity due to the recent uptick in spam and 'trolling' from members of other sites the forum has been experiencing of late.

Hopefully this measure will serve to separate the wheat from the chaff and free us from such annoyances (fingers are crossed).

JustSaying | 21. maaliskuu 2019

No mas mos?

Ross1 | 21. maaliskuu 2019

Non owners can use the thread with my name on it, created by @djh, thanks.

reed_lewis | 21. maaliskuu 2019

@T35LAX I was the first to post this.

SCCRENDO | 21. maaliskuu 2019

@reed. Indeed you were. I only realized it later after I started my thread. But I have some responses so I left it up

mufflesound | 01. huhtikuu 2019

In all honesty, I can't see any spam activity on the forum. | 01. huhtikuu 2019

I still see qutie a bit of posting spam, not thread creation spam. Most is one of three kinds - one has a very vague note like "Nice thread" with a spam link, then there is the non-related spam where it talks about something unrelated to the thread, followed by a spam link. The last is the worst, where it grabs someone else's post and might modify a few words and then posts it with a spam link. The links are always totally unrelated to anything to do with Tesla or owners. All appear to be done by spam bots.

reed_lewis | 01. huhtikuu 2019

...Nice Post....

(No link included..) ;)

And I agree with TeslaTap There is a lot of SPAM in posts where people are posting valid text, but links that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

reed_lewis | 01. huhtikuu 2019

...And at least the Asian character posts are gone!

jimglas | 01. huhtikuu 2019


wgermscheid | 01. huhtikuu 2019

@jamespompi Even though posting is limited to verified owners, non-owners can still reply to ask questions. | 01. huhtikuu 2019

@jimglas - best laugh of the day (I'm easy to please)!

Ross1 | 01. huhtikuu 2019

I am happy to leave out the links