Luxury cars similar to those in 1977

Luxury cars similar to those in 1977

Many customers want comfortable cars with a luxurious interior for a comfortable cruise and interiors similar to those of 1977. We are not all enthusiastic about the super-performance and fast cars. This is how I imagine the luxurious interior of a car:
I think that in addition to exceptional acceleration, electric cars should be more luxurious: | 10. huhtikuu 2019

If you like the Lucid Air - get it. Of course it's not really available and may never be available. It will be interesting if the final $60K looks anything like the prototype. My guess much of what you see will be gone or made up of very expensive options. Still, nice to see some new entrants in the EV space.

jordanrichard | 10. huhtikuu 2019

Just where/how exactly does one buy a Lucid or even a Rivian for that matter. They are showing off great concepts/prototypes, but never a mention about where or how to buy one.

andy.connor.e | 10. huhtikuu 2019

Its like the Nikola One. Vaporware competition. Similar to all "tesla killers" from all the companies who never actually produced them.

TranzNDance | 10. huhtikuu 2019

In addition to asking Tesla, ask the car company whose vehicle you like to make a BEV version. That would increase the chances of getting the desired vehicle.

bish | 10. huhtikuu 2019

I had a 1977 Chrysler Cordoba with rich Corinthian leather. It was my all time favorite car until I got the MS. Super comfortable, good pick up, 8 track player, and a sunroof. Sweet.

carlk | 11. huhtikuu 2019

"Luxury" is not very high on the list of what I want in a car. I think a car company lost it when that becomes the main selling point. The reason US auto industry lost to the Germans and Japanese is not because they made more luxurious cars. Otherwise interior designers rather than engineers should be in charge of car companies.

andy.connor.e | 11. huhtikuu 2019

My translation of "luxury" in America, is "overpriced".

Madatgascar | 12. huhtikuu 2019

Can’t believe I just watched a 3-1/2 minute paean to a 1976 Chrysler New Yorker. Reminds my of my first car, a 1976 Plymouth Volare, which I bought for $50 and sold for $25.

Those big wide bench seats were good for one thing...

NKYTA | 12. huhtikuu 2019

Again, Teslae are performance cars. Just because they beat out luxury that people want Performance.

@PD excluded.

jordanrichard | 13. huhtikuu 2019

“Luxury” is relative. At one point, having cloth seats, AM/FM radio with cassette, rear defroster and carpeted floor mats was an upgrade. If you got AC and an automatic transmission, that was REAL luxurious.

Tesla2018 | 13. huhtikuu 2019

The Mercedes 500 series now has chairs that massage you and an air freshner that sprays scents into the cabin. Dont tell Elon, he might decide to upgrade the fart mode with a smell mode!
Luxury has been replaced by convience and safety. At one time leather interior and wood-grain dash were considered luxurious. Things have changed and now dual-zone air-conditioning, power seats, , power windows, Homelink, abs, disc brakes and navigation systems that were once considered to be luxury items are standard on most cars

reed_lewis | 14. huhtikuu 2019

Yup. I remember when power windows were an option on every car. Now you cannot buy a car without them (I think).

But I prefer that cars mostly have the basics included. I remember old Chevrolets that my parents purchased where there were options for everything. There were probably 50-60 different options for wheels, seats, radio, colors, interior, etc. I bet there are cars out there that are unicorns in terms of options.

I prefer to have few options. It makes things easier.

carlk | 15. huhtikuu 2019
rglossin | 24. huhtikuu 2019

jordanrichard do your research. Rivian has info at their website and there are forums that discuss the R1T and R1S. I have interest in the Rivian R1T but also very interested in the new Tesla truck when we see it this summer. I'm having a tough time not giving in for the Model S. Just waiting for the interior refresh in the 2rd quarter.