Use phone for key and not ignition?

Use phone for key and not ignition?

to-be-new owner (next wed)... Can't find anything with Google...

Can I sync my sons phone to allow them to open the doors, but prohibit them from driving with profiles?

I am sure you can imagine the scenarios I am thinking of. Want to be able to send them to retrieve something from the car, but not anything more.

RJMIII | 17. huhtikuu 2019

PIN to drive.

Teslynn | 17. huhtikuu 2019

Just use the phone app to lock and unlock doors.

lordmiller | 17. huhtikuu 2019

Secret PIN code!!

jvcesare | 17. huhtikuu 2019

I agree with @Teslynn. You can remotely unlock with your app. BTW you can also remotely "start" the car and allow some else to drive with the app.

lbowroom | 17. huhtikuu 2019

Risky Business and Ferris Bueller's Day Off come to mind

bradbomb | 17. huhtikuu 2019

I think if you remotely unlock the doors, I think it starts that 90 second clock to drive off the same way if you use the key card to open the door, you don't need to tap on the dash if you drive off within a certain time period. I have not tried or confirmed this.

tomasrey88 | 17. huhtikuu 2019

valet mode, but set max speed to 0 mph.

PittCaleb | 17. huhtikuu 2019

Thx for responses. Would be nice to just have the kids have phones that could open the car and their "profile" set to non-driver. I don't want to set a PIN to drive and have to enter it myself. Good feedback, think this is a good future feature though.

TabascoGuy | 17. huhtikuu 2019

Try the "Don't drive the car" voice command on your kids. It worked fine for me.

yalda | 17. huhtikuu 2019

wow! just how lazy are you? Do you use your kids as servants?

lbowroom | 17. huhtikuu 2019

Not trusting them to not drive the car is the issue in my mind, but I try not to judge....

wildblue | 17. huhtikuu 2019

ignition? What ignition?