Dragging brakes again (I think)

Dragging brakes again (I think)

When I got my car last October, I had very high energy usage on all drives. One wheel had huge amounts of brake dust while the other three did not. One day, my car smelled of burning brakes and immediately energy usage plummeted. Service checked it out and couldn't find any problems. The car has been super efficient since then, even through the winter. Until today. Energy usage spiked. Was over 350wh/mi on my commute that is normally 290. Loud grinding sound. Grabby brakes. Overall sluggish to drive. I called roadside assistance and they told me to stop driving and sent a tow truck. Tow truck driver said it's not the first Model 3 this week with the same issue. Could it be the latest software release?

I checked temp of the rotors and calipers and one side was about 10C higher than the other side, but not crazy high. | 17. huhtikuu 2019

What can happen to any car with disk brakes, is a small stone can get lodged into the brake area. Sometimes, it falls out or is worn away in time, but it can make some noise too. May require pulling the wheel and brake apart to fix. Could be something else, but my bet is on a small stone. Good to have Tesla look at it.

slingshot18 | 17. huhtikuu 2019

Last time was definitely not a stone. The drivers side rear wheel and fender were caked with brake dust. Tesla Service agreed it was a locked up/dragging brake, but they couldn't recreate the problem and it didn't happen again until today.