The Mueller Report

The Mueller Report

This is recommended reading for all who care about the future of the USA and indeed could impact the world. It differs markedly from the Barr Cliff notes and certainly does not vindicate the president. Guilty of many crimes, particularly obstruction of justice but not charged by the justice department.

jimglas | 19. huhtikuu 2019

we know trump is a criminal, what troubles me is the number of people who enable him

TabascoGuy | 19. huhtikuu 2019

Mueller legally can not prosecute so he intentionally did not accuse. He just reported the facts which will allow those that can impeach and/or prosecute to do so. Smart man. Smart move.

Trump better put in an order for some origin jumpsuits.

andy.connor.e | 19. huhtikuu 2019

More like the Mueller deport

jimglas | 19. huhtikuu 2019

I see what you did there TG
; )

Uncle Paul | 19. huhtikuu 2019

Will be up to congress to decide what to do with that report.

The US government is set up with 3 branches to balance each others powers. It is not the duty of any one branch of government to just continously attach the other. They are supposed to work together to further the will of the people.

The opponents of the President want to weaponize that report.

SCCRENDO | 19. huhtikuu 2019

@Uncle-Paul. You have an interesting take. If someone commits a crime (say illegal conspiracy with a foreign country or obstruction of justice) and the details are damning after a thorough unbiased investigation, would you suggest that they are weaponizing their findings. I guess prosecuting someone for crimes they have committed could be called weaponizing in some circles.

jimglas | 19. huhtikuu 2019

UP probably wants to open another investigation into Hillarys email server and Benghaaaaaazi!. REAL investigations.

Efontana | 19. huhtikuu 2019

I way I read it he tried to obstruct "something" but his instruments of obstructing "something" did not respond.

So he is guilty of attempting to obstruct "something." But not actually obstructing anything. He was rendered ineffective by people who knew the law and followed it.

Yeah, I read his book and found his vindictive nature disturbing. Not a fan. Just an observer.

If they wanted fewer redactions they would have run more of the peripheral investigations through the grand jury instead of having so many trials pending the the responsible prosecutors had too redact...

bish | 20. huhtikuu 2019

@jimglas---- not to mention the 40% of the population that dont realize they are being conned and will support him no matter what.

ejeckert | 25. huhtikuu 2019

There never was any collusion! Back up and retrace your steps around the DNC and what was exposed of sanders getting screwed, Seth rich getting murdered, emails between Debbie S and the Clinton campaign! This whole investigation was started without proper evidence just like the Iraq war! Sorry but this investigation was mostly used to discredit the leaks and save the face of the DNC! The DNC and the RNC are no more then political corporations! They write their own rules and they change them whenever it suits a candidate that has more power then these “corporation” can handle! See super delegates if you don’t believe me, the most dishonest part of this and what did sanders in. All part of the DNCs rules that allow this to happen! He should have been the candidate! But the DNC believed he couldn’t win, was too radical, and they were forced by the Clinton campaign which had more money to prevent him from winning if it meant using super delegates to overturn votes in districts to support her even if he won those district. Sadly not against the rules for the democrat primaries

SCCRENDO | 25. huhtikuu 2019

Hey ejeckert. Read the Mueller report and get back to us

jimglas | 26. huhtikuu 2019

ejeckert is a Russian troll

jimglas | 26. huhtikuu 2019

Mitch is just an idiot

jimglas | 26. huhtikuu 2019

Mitch is just an idiot

SCCRENDO | 26. huhtikuu 2019

@jimglas. It looks like he watches Hannity. He wrote down some talking points over the last few years and put them together in a word salad. And even Mitch shows up likely has not read the Mueller report and slings his slogans. His uninformed trolling is not just confined to climate change. How come only the low IQ folk try debate. Are all these guys low IQ or do the smart ones just realize that they have a losing moral case and are too ashamed to debate. The Republican Party has imploded. They no longer have backbone or principles. The philosophy is win at all costs. No matter how

jimglas | 26. huhtikuu 2019

Mitch uninformed about current events as he is about climate change. Willful ignorance on display.

SCCRENDO | 26. huhtikuu 2019

Weathermoron again flagged!!! He has expanded his ignorant trolling. Feels a need to be heard. Looks like he is not getting much love at home

finman100 | 26. huhtikuu 2019

wow, why would you continually show off your stupidity to all on a public forum? being on the wrong side of history must suck. Read the damn words in the report. and try. just try to think. it's a no-brainer. why anyone would support such an obvious loser in donald is beyond me.

TabascoGuy | 26. huhtikuu 2019

Real eyes
real lies.

I'm getting T shirts made.

TabascoGuy | 26. huhtikuu 2019

...or maybe some hats.

jimglas | 26. huhtikuu 2019


andy.connor.e | 26. huhtikuu 2019

I'd get a couple shirts

Uncle Paul | 28. huhtikuu 2019

Biggest issue with the Mueller report is lack of probable cause.

For the police to pull you over, they need probable cause before they can investigate you. They cannot pull you over just because you look suspicious or have a certain skin color.

Do not believe that the investigators had probable cause to begin the investigation.

Still see people denigrating Trump because of the color of his skin (orange) or hair shaming him because of his alopecia spots. They also body shame him because of the size of his hands or his success/failure in business.

We are not supposed to judge a person due to the color of his skin, nor comment on body issues publicly.

SCCRENDO | 28. huhtikuu 2019

Yes they had probable cause. Why don’t you read the report before you make idiotic statements? Then get back to us. What is wrong with you guys?

tew ms us | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@SCC Cops who carry a drop gun, or a faked dossier, can manufacture probable cause.

sabbia | 29. huhtikuu 2019

OMG. Seth Rich and there was no collusion all in one post. @ejeckert. BTW, many on the right have had the courtesy and basic decency to apologize to Richards's family.

sabbia | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@Tabasco. If that's your original, get a copyright. It's very good in any case. Non-partisan too. Can you give us permission to use it?

sabbia | 29. huhtikuu 2019

Let's ask tew a question. If it turns out there is a pee tape, would you think Trump unfit?

sabbia | 29. huhtikuu 2019

Richards's family s/b Rich's family.

SCCRENDO | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@tew. This was a legitimate investigation into Russian interference in our election based on a loudmouth Papadopoulos shooting his mouth off. Btw how come it doesn’t bother you guys that Russian did interfere and is continuing to interfere in our elections.
Time to stop watching Foxnews. It is confused by facts and you guys have developed the same problem

Uncle Paul | 29. huhtikuu 2019

In the American legal system, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. The Mueller report did not prove him guilty, so he must be considered to be innocent.

With our Nation pretty much decided 50/50, little will be gained by each half calling the other half idiots and other names.

The USA has been also guilty of tampering with other Nations elections. It is done all the time. Obama tried to keep Bibi from being elected, and we even encouraged a violent uprising in Cuba. We interfered in the Russian take over of the Ukraine by supplying weapons and intelligence.

Trump was elected President. He should be allowed to preform his duties. The people should hold his feet to the fire to do those things he promised to do if elected. If he does not perform well he will need to again stand for election. That is the American way. This constant undermining of an elected official may feel good, and be entertaining, however it also tends to tear a Country apart.

jimglas | 29. huhtikuu 2019

He is not innocent, read the report
And I am not surprised that you condone treason by the president and his family

tew ms us | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@sabbia I'm opposed to bedroom policing. If you want to see an unfit President, look back no further than Obama. All the guy had was a gift of gab that he had no idea how to use constructively. In fairness, though, all he'd ever done was go to school, teach school, community organize, and politic - no real world experience at all.

@scc Mueller found that the Russians did interfere with the 2016 election, but their efforts to recruit the Trump campaign were rebuffed. In the propaganda media Mueller started out a brilliant hero; now he's an incompetent villain. I agree with the villain part; he and his henchman concocted an obstruction of justice charge against Arthur Andersen. AA collapsed with 80,000 people put out of work; turns out the charge alone was enough to torpedo an accounting firm. SCOTUS ruled 9-0 against Mueller's manufactured crime. "Better late than never" didn't work out for AA's former employees.

sabbia | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@tew. Thanks for you willingness to engage. I thought your comment about a *faked* dossier meant that you found the idea of the peeing incident below the dignity of a president of the United State. I hope we can a meaningful dialog.

sabbia | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@tew Please explain the connection between Robert Mueller and Arthur Andersen. Do you mean Andrew Weissmann and/or Michael Chertoff?

TabascoGuy | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@sabbia, I saw it on the internet so it's as much yours or mine as it as anyone's.

TabascoGuy | 29. huhtikuu 2019


tew ms us | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@sabbia Robert Mueller as FBI Director formed the Enron Task Force with Andrew Weissmann as director. The accounting firm of Authur Anderson was Enron's auditor.

SCCRENDO | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@tew. Of course you are at a disadvantage in this discussion because you haven't read the report. So you have to believe us until you bother to read it. So let me explain it to you. Mueller did not have enough evidence to charge him with a crime because he could not prove intent which is needed for conspiracy. . But there were plenty of suspicious Russian socialization and Russia certainly carried out Trump's wishes. 2 possibilities remain. Either Trump and his campaign were as you state useful idiots in assisting the Russians and did not realize they were being played. So while not criminal is still bad. The second possibility is that they obstructed enough to hide the conspiracy which is in fact criminal. On the obstruction charge Mueller could not exonerate him and in fact left it to congress to charge him because he believed the justice department cannot indite a sitting president. In fact Mueller pretty much stated in his report that Congress could impeach him for obstruction. If he wasn't president he has done enough to be Manafort's cellmate/ The report did not even look at his financial crimes which the Southern District if New York and others will get him for when he leave office. Please read the report before you state anything else stupid

Uncle Paul | 29. huhtikuu 2019

You cannot convict anyone on possibilities. It is possible that OJ Simpson killed his Wife, but he got off Scott free on that one.

You also cannot convict anybody because something was "pretty much stated"

People with enough bias can read most anything into any report if the squint hard enough :)

rxlawdude | 29. huhtikuu 2019

So Uncle Paul, can you explain why the "innocent" President has done everything - at every juncture - to not cooperate with the investigation? Occam's Razor: if you act guilty, you are probably guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

SCCRENDO | 29. huhtikuu 2019

They did not have enough for Russian conspiracy but more than enough for obstruction. As I stated earlier it is not department of justice policy to indite a sitting president but if he wasn't he would be sharing a cell with Manafort by now. The only recourse as far as Mueller was concerned is impeachment by Congress and he laid out a pretty good roadmap. The issue is whether the Dems should do it because the Senate Republicans would never convict him of anything even if he shot someone in front of them. Uncle please read the report or are you scared of the truth

Uncle Paul | 29. huhtikuu 2019

This can be hashed over forever, but it is now up to the House of Representatives if they want to do anything. Clinton got Impeached, lost his law license, and went on like nothing had happened. Finished out his Presidency and retired with $$$s in the bank. No jail time for either him or Hillary.

As of now Trump is "free to go".

SCCRENDO | 29. huhtikuu 2019

With Trump’s delaying tactics it can go on forever. And yes it is up to the house and I hope they don’t let up

NKYTA | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@Uncle Paul: three questions:

1) Do you think our current President lied, even once?
2) Do you think our current President lied more than once?
3) Do you think that the House and Senate has the ability to Impeach this or/ any President?
4) Do you think that the President is above the laws of our Republic?

If you answer Yes, one time to ANY of the first two questions, you are what your President calls an “idiot, or sloppy, or low energy, or Pocohantas, or whatever stupid name he can come up with next”. Trash.

If you think either of the last two, you aren’t an American.

This “cannot be hashed over forever” action needs to be taken now!

How much are you getting from the tax cuts and the 1.5 tax cut for Corporations?


sabbia | 29. huhtikuu 2019

@tew. You mislead the readers here with the implication that Mueller took down Arthur Andersen by"concocting" an obstruction of justice charge. Your post about Mueller is another bald face consequence of Trump's presidency. Trump lies and dissembles so it must be all right to do so.

Just to be clear, the Andersen conviction was overturned based on a wrong jury instruction not because there was no underlying crime. The Court had no opinion on guilt or innocence.

The Enron Task Force investigated Enron and its auditor. The task force was formed by Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson; and the assistant attorney general for the criminal division, Michael Chertoff and Mueller. Are you making a claim that forming a task force is tantamount to running the underlying investigation itself? Weissmann ran the investigation. Mueller did not.

Enron was convicted and many here will remember Enron's corrupt behavior. Some went to jail. The Supreme Court did not rule on Andersen's underlying behavior. The consequences for Andersen were indeed more than awful and I will say undeserved. That's not Mueller's fault.

tew ms us | 30. huhtikuu 2019

@sabbia The wrong jury instruction wasn't a misplaced semicolon. If I do something that interferes with a federal investigation, the government needs more than "Yeah, tew's action obstructed us". SCOTUS ruled that the government must make the case that obstruction was my intent.

Weissmann was Mueller's subordinate on the high profile Enron case, but I'll stipulate that Weissmann ran that investigation without Mueller's supervision. The advantage for Mueller would be that he could pull a Sgt Shultz - "I saw nothing! What is this 'intent' stuff you speak of?" - if something blew up. But Mueller then picked Weissmann for the "Trump Is Putin's Manchurian Candidate" case, so Mueller knew he was likely to get predawn SWAT raids on family homes and solitary confinements for Trump associates accused of paperwork crimes.

jimglas | 30. huhtikuu 2019

@UP: "No jail time for either him or Hillary"
Jail time for Bill lying about a blow job?
Or just for being a democrat?

SCCRENDO | 30. huhtikuu 2019

@tew. New era, new investigation. No misplaced semicolons in the Mueller report. Just plain unable to exonerate Trump on at least 10 charges of obstruction of justice. A funny thing. If one ever looked at Trump’s tweets one would see him committing crimes and obstructing justice in plain site. That may be why most of us were not that surprised by the Mueller report. Trump has already publicly confessed. Confessing does not absolve you of crimes