Map Enlargement and Reduction

Map Enlargement and Reduction

When driving, an ability to enlarge or reduce the view of the map would be useful. Suggest a + and - in the left area of the touchscreen near the driver. The plus would enable the driver to enlarge the map view by increments and the minus would reduce the view. Trying to spread or draw together your fingers while driving is almost impossible. The + and - would allow driver to enlarge or reduce the map view easily. | 24. huhtikuu 2019

The + and - are one the right side of the screen. Just look for them. Or to enlarge simply double tap the screen.

GrampsNGranny | 24. huhtikuu 2019

Thanks, didn't know that. Wouldn't it be easier for the driver to have on left side of screen though?
Appreciate the information, thanks

jordanrichard | 24. huhtikuu 2019

I have been hoping for years that they would move the controls to the left side. Also BTW, just tap the screen twice and it zooms in by "x" amount. Double tap again and it will zoom in more. It will then return to the original view after about 15 seconds. If you want it to stay at a certain zoom point, you need to pinch and zoom to where you want it.

GrampsNGranny | 24. huhtikuu 2019

Agree, the pinch and zoom if hard to do if driving. Maybe a voice command would be good too.

johnse | 24. huhtikuu 2019

Note that the +/- controls do not show up until you tap the map.

GrampsNGranny | 24. huhtikuu 2019

That's why I never noticed them before. I usually hide those items and never noticed the + & - but still would like to see them closer to the driver.
Thanks for all your info and help. | 25. huhtikuu 2019

Route details are on the drivers side of the screen which are probably more important than the adjusting the screen size feature.

The + and - details are in the owner's manual. Have you read the manual?

GrampsNGranny | 25. huhtikuu 2019

No problem, must be my age. I will be 80 in June and maybe not as sharp as some of you younger people, sorry!
But really do appreciate your help.