Poor WiFi Reception

Poor WiFi Reception

I have a question about the WiFi receiver in my brand new Model 3 SR. I am less than 30' from my WiFi access point yet I cannot receive any signal at all. If I bring my access point to within 10' of the car, I can get 1 dot of weak signal. Devices such as cell phones and laptops receive full signal at either location, inside the car and everything. Are the Model 3's notoriously bad at receiving WiFi signal, or is it possible someone forgot to connect the WiFi antenna in my 3?

I would like to have my car connect to WiFi so that I may receive map updates and software updates.

skygraff | 24. huhtikuu 2019

Yes to both questions.

They are notoriously bad but that sounds worse than most.

gordon_r_benson | 24. huhtikuu 2019

I found the M3 to be REALLY fussy about the wifi. I tried 2 different routers (older B/G/N ones) and it wouldn't even recognize them at all. I picked up a TP-Link AC1750 and it found it no problem and had great signal strength.

Kary993 | 24. huhtikuu 2019

I use a mesh network made by Eero. I had to put another repeater out in our workout room near the garage to get a good signal, otherwise it rather weak. I find the LTE to also be weak particularly in the underground garage, though the garage has signal amplifiers and my phone is 4 bars but the car drops to one bar and then nothing.....

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 24. huhtikuu 2019

No problems with my Orbi by Netgear.

jjt2122 | 24. huhtikuu 2019

Same here, I have a Netgear Nighthawk router that’s about 30 feet away, reception is 1-2 dots on my M3, but my iPhone has full reception for WiFi, had a Tesla Mobile service guy come out and he said my signal is at 30-40 percent strength, he said that’s enough to get updates.
I even tried moving the router closer, no luck, got a extender, no luck.

josia75 | 24. huhtikuu 2019

What type of band frequency are you connecting to? If you are on a 5.0 Ghz (also known as AC wifi) you will get significantly less signal then a 2.4 Ghz connection. If your wifi has multiple bands try to connect to the other one. I use a netgear nighthawk and I noticed that I do not get good range on my 5.0 Ghz band which is why I use the 2.4 Ghz.

Kahn | 24. huhtikuu 2019

Antenna is in right mirror.

hcdavis3 | 25. huhtikuu 2019

Google mesh WiFi is the best.i was having issues with my Verizon router being to far away from my Model 3. Installed Google and placed one of the access points in the garage. I get full bars now. Incredibly easy to setup.

peter | 30. elokuu 2019

Perhaps it isn't a radio signal issue, but an issue of negotiation... I have Dlink890 about 30 feet away, four bars of signal. It connected a few times in June, but has refused utterly to connect for the past few months.
my wifi is bridged with my copper network (security weenies are aghast... all my traffic is ssh and https anyways, people could look at metadata... but really... is it worth it?) so there is likely a lot of traffic on the wifi. I have three different ones one at 2.4 GHz, and two at 5 GHz. I thought I saw that current M3's were supposed to be able to use 5GHz, but I created a guest network just for it (can only do that at 5 GHz with my router) and it never saw it at all. So I think it is only working at 2.4. Anyways... I think part of the problem is how busy the network is. of course, my phones and laptops connect to the same access point... from inside the car... It's not a signal problem...

kjl | 03. syyskuu 2019

I have an Xfinity with 2.4G and 5.0G. Stopped working a few months ago. Just realized that b/c my software version is way behind. All other mobile devices have no issues connecting to the router. I placed an inquiry to Tesla support, waiting for their response.

gparrot | 03. syyskuu 2019

If I back up into my driveway to charge the car overnight, the car won’t see my signal and it will not connect. On the other hand, if I drive into my driveway, mirror facing the house, the car will see up to 2 dots but no more. At least, in this case, it can connect to the internet and let me access some information on the app.

andrewsjra | 04. syyskuu 2019

I use the Velop mesh system. I have 5 units(probably overkill). One is in the garage so I have full bars no matter what. No issues with connectivity or updates.

rmacad | 30. syyskuu 2019

My cellphone and tablet have 3/4 bars in my driveway but the M3 cannot even find my powerful nighthawk router so I have no way to update the software? Is there another solution besides driving the car through the house, or is the Tesla antennae that weak?

jjohur | 07. lokakuu 2019

The built in wifi receiver in the Tesla M3 is rubbish at best. I have no issues with my other devices in the garage except with the M3. Until I check out a mesh product the only option is to use my phone's personal hotspot. I'm amazed that of all the M3 weaknesses that the wifi would even have to be mentioned. I have also noticed that my music skips a beat when I'm driving and it's attempting to download via my hotspot. Now I have to remember to turn off the hotspot ...

adichiru | 14. lokakuu 2019

Very interesting because I connected my M3 to a wifi of a restaurant over 40 m away.
I also use and extender for my wifi because I live in an apartment on the 16th floor; 70m direct view but it can see the network, it connects to it and it receives an IP. However, it does not get any internet access; just like my phone... I am troubleshooting now to figure out why. But I have not seen any issues with my M3;.

By the way, use the 5Ghz if you can - might be better.

Scrannel | 14. lokakuu 2019

I use a 2Ghz guest wifi (5Ghz faster, 2 Ghz has better range) and seems fine, even when on the opposite side of the driveway.

LaughingSquid | 15. lokakuu 2019

gparrot wrote: "If I back up into my driveway to charge the car overnight, the car won’t see my signal and it will not connect. On the other hand, if I drive into my driveway, mirror facing the house, the car will see up to 2 dots but no more."

The antenna is in the passenger side mirror housing if that helps. I get good wi-fi reception on my phone everywhere around my house, but my M3 was getting 1-2 bars in the garage. I installed a Netgear Powerline WiFi adapter in a power outlet in the garage and now get full bars.

syclone | 16. lokakuu 2019

The WiFi receiver in the M3 is a bit weird. With the car sitting in the driveway, it can't even see my Fios router which is about 10 feet away, just inside the basement. However, it can see a WiFi extender on the back wall of the garage, 20 feet away, running off of that same router.

Scrannel | 16. lokakuu 2019

Mine can see our FIOS about 30 feet away, but it's only blocked by stucco. Not sure of your basement is concrete but maybe that's the issue. Sitting in our driveway my 3 can pick up three wifi signals and a hotspot.

RP3 | 16. lokakuu 2019

I have had the same connection issues from home, so I just switched the 3 over to 2.4GHz and assigned it a permanent IP address instead of DHCP. I'll see how that goes, but it looks like a better signal for now..

calvin940 | 16. lokakuu 2019

I have had no problems with mine and it's wifi reception on pretty much any of my 4 Wifi networks (2 different routers) each with a 5g or 2.4g. One router is even upstairs and almost at the complete opposite end of the house from the concrete garage. No issues.

Tesla2018 | 16. lokakuu 2019

I dont have home wifi and I am havingng trouble trying to connect at places like McDonalds or other places that have wifi. My phone can see a lot of places to connect to if I am in certaint locations but the car doesnt see them.

Are there any places that you can connect to without getting a message that it cant connect or that an additional screen that cant be dislayed is being prevented from showing?

When to the service center and psrked in front of the door and it said it was connected but it didnt show as connected when trying to get it to download an update.

Phone doesnt have hot spot capabily either.