Who would or already decided to NOT wait for refresh?

Who would or already decided to NOT wait for refresh?

I have loved my P85 since I took ownership - long ago, early 2013. Pre parking sensors, even. I’ve watched several iterations of Model S... bigger batteries. More cool feature, AP, etc. and never wanted to upgrade.

Now two things happened - the first is the significant range increase of the 100D over my car (370 miles vs 260 miles). Second is the rumors that the S is going to look, at least on the inside, more like M3. Just about everything I’ve read points to this recommendation: don’t upgrade now. Wait for the refresh.

I feel the opposite - for the first time in nearly 7 years I want a new Tesla, because I want the added range but mainly because I don’t want it to look like the M3. Can I possibly be alone on this? Am I the only one who decided (or would, if ready) to upgrade right now, before the interior refresh? Anyone else out there who loves the look of their MS and wants a new one before they change it?

rzobel | 03. toukokuu 2019

Bought my Model S 100D APR 24. Can't figure out to tell if I have the 370 mile range or not. Got an Email from Tesla today saying: "Experience the longest-range electric vehicles in production — now able to travel 10 percent farther on a single charge.
With an all-new drivetrain design, Model S and Model X Long Range can now achieve a landmark 370 miles and 325 miles, respectively. Combined with a brand-new adaptive suspension system, these improvements deliver the best range, acceleration and ride comfort ever."

How do I figure out if this applies to me? Don't have any updates showing this.

smithst | 04. toukokuu 2019

You’re probably fine. Tesla announced the changes before the 24th. Sure it wasn’t presented that way on the order page, with new range, when you ordered?

To the original question - did you think about waiting?

jlhm | 04. toukokuu 2019

@smithst I agree with you. I don’t want a single screen like M3 in model S.

johnson.todd.r | 04. toukokuu 2019

The two screens in my S are one of its best features. The M3 screen looks like someone took a laptop screen and retrofitted it to a dash that wasn't designed to support a screen. It mars an otherwise, clean looking dash in the M3.

steveg1701 | 04. toukokuu 2019

If you're not dead set on getting a brand new factory fresh car then you will have the option of waiting for the refresh - if you don't like what you see then you can always find a CPO or a pre-loved car that suits your desire! I for one would NOT want an S that looked like a 3 inside!!!!

thranx | 04. toukokuu 2019

I look at the in-dash screen far more than I do the center screen, and have zero interest in going with a single center screen. As an AP1 driver I'm also more than happy to stick with v.8, since many of the new upgrades do not apply to my car. The dual screen setup is one of the few important interior details that separates the S from the 3.

A word to Tesla: cheaper (i.e.,continuing homogenization between the S and 3) is not always better.

Uncle Paul | 04. toukokuu 2019

The "refresh" is a made up expectation based on seeing other manufacturers refresh their years mid run, and then replace them after a few years with a totally new model.

Tesla is different. They constantly refresh their lineup, little by little. They release improvements all the time. New seats, new motors, new computers, new tires, new wheels, new lighting, new pricing, new rebate eligibility, different battery packs, new contractors, changes to suspension, body in white, transmission gears, wheel bearings, navigation suite, sensors, etc.

Over time these result in a totally new car, but little by little.

At some time the body panels may be changed out or even the framework changed. These will usually come unannounced.

Buyers are often worried buying just before a major announcement, but that is the way of Tesla.

So many of the improvements are also updated to the fleet by OTA updates. Essentially the smarts of the car are included in the constant improvements.

smithst | 04. toukokuu 2019

Uncle Paul - no doubt we benefit from OTA updates. My car originally didn’t even have creep, hill braking, etc. But I’m talking about a purely aesthetic update - making the car’s interior look fundamentally different. So it’s not a worry over FOMO on an option or mechanical/performance upgrade. I’m actually curious about what folks think about the opposite - upgrading now, specifically to MISS OUT on a change.

Innkeep | 04. toukokuu 2019

@smithst With Teslas you will always “miss out” on something. My 2014 S came out the week that some cars had AP hardware and some didn’t, without the option for AP showing on anyone’s order page. Mine didn’t.

I drove that car on two cross county trips and loved every minute, but felt bad about missing AP by such a slim margin. So I sold Tessie to my brother and bought a 17 S100D with HW 2 a couple of months before HW 2.5.

I like the idea of waiting to see if the refresh comes out “soon” and choose between that and a CPO or inventory car if you don’t like the refresh.

On the other hand today’s S100D or long range, or whatever it’s called is quite a jump in technology from your present car and I bet you’ll really love to drive it.

Firaz | 04. toukokuu 2019

If there are no major issues with the car, I would hold on until at least the power train warranty is over, then decide if upgrading is worth it then. If Tesla gets rid of the in-dash screen, perhaps they would put it on the steering wheel. What about FSD2, or a completely new body frame/chassis with latest battery tech.

gregmiller1817 | 05. toukokuu 2019

2014 P85+. Love car. Miss autopilot hardware. Wish they had retrofit kit. What a concept. Update hardware and software to constantly upgrade car. Imagine chassis is pretty static, just bolt-on's change. Would love to be able to put new wiring harness and accessories to get to FSD. But Elon said no, and P85+ feels like it'll run forever. It's either trade-in or live with it. Still, what a fantastic car.

TranzNDance | 05. toukokuu 2019

I hope they don't go to one screen. The recent updates have resulted in the MCU crashing a few times a week and I'm grateful that I have a backup screen. Today, it happened right before a freeway exit and the dash screen cached the next few steps of instructions. There was a gap of time before the dash stopped navigating and the MCU resumed, and fortunately it was for a long straight part of the route.

SoCal Buzz | 05. toukokuu 2019

I upgraded from 2013 S to 100D late last year. For me, it’s already refreshed considering long list of improvements. From the fascia to AP, new seats, 335 miles range, 0-60 performance, sentry mode, MCU speed, center console, etc. it has more than enough to make me smile every day. Plus I love current body style and interior / screen orientation, so it was easy decision. The expiring tax credit and California HOV extension for 3 years were icing on cake.

heartbeat | 05. toukokuu 2019

I made the difficult decision to upgrade my 2014 P85DL to the new P100DL as I could not resist the free $20,000 Ludicrous option for free to existing owners and the price reductions. Plus the extended range helps. I hate to give up my supercharging free for life but will regain my carpool lane use. Now the problem is selling my S as the used prices have really tumbled.

smithst | 05. toukokuu 2019

Heartbeat - back to the main question: did you think about waiting an extra few weeks for the interior upgrade or did you not care about it? I guess there is a good chance that Tesla will ditch free Ludicrous when that interior refresh happens.

heartbeat | 06. toukokuu 2019

I like the two screens better than one and who knows when the interior will get a refresh or when the $20,000 free Ludicrous will expire.

PPower | 06. toukokuu 2019

I have also upgraded from my 2015 S P90DL to the new S P100DL. The past 3,5 years contains so many big and small improvements, e.g. new front with LED turning lights, HEPA air filter, FSD (V3 chip), 200 kW supercharging on V3, new MCU and 4G, new permanent magnet front motor, range bump, fully adaptive air suspension - and the free Ludicrous also made me place the order. A new interior refresh could also be nice, but I really like the current one and with the recent graphite decor update it looks even better.

murraypetera | 06. toukokuu 2019

2013 60 in my car now. I would love the additional range, charge rates and safety features of the autopilot HW but the current version does not enough of an upgrade to justify the cost in my mind.

Give me HUD, V3 super charger full support, 120KwH+ battery and ill consider an update but still hesitant until the autopilot proves it’s self. My gut tells me to get level 5 they will need some additional HW be it more powerful computer or additional sensor suite. I do believe they will get to level 4 with the current HW but that is not a robo taxi that is 100% able run solo. This is an iterative process and it does not seem like they have gotten their yet.. almost but.....

When they get their im all in.. I love my car buy cannot justify $90k+ for what is just a bit better of a car then what I have.

smithst | 07. toukokuu 2019

Thinking about the initial post more directly, let me ask the question I’m really interested in: does anyone want to see the interior of the MS updated to look like M3? Sounds like the consensus is “nope.”

And not for this guy, either! I decided to order a new MS now, to:

1. Take advantage of added range
2. Beat the forthcoming interior refresh

In fairness, after 6yrs, I was ready anyway. I do disagree with those who suggest that OTA updates alone have kept the original MS on par (or close) to the newest iteration. I believe anyone who drives a 2013 and 2019 right after the other would also agree. Not saying that the 2013 P85 isn’t great - it still is. But OTA can only update so much.

Thanks to all for chining in!

smithst | 07. toukokuu 2019

Chiming... ugh. Words matter! I’d rather see a nonsensical typo than an autocorrected word that makes the author seem... verbally challenged.

Anyway... the delivery wait begins. “End of May.” We’ll see...

sr.smr | 08. toukokuu 2019

I'll stick with my 2017 until warranty ends and trade in value is better. The new Roadster may be a hint as to what the new dash could look like, which would be a significant upgrade. The outside is still attractive in my opinion and should not be radically changed.

nwfan | 09. toukokuu 2019

I'm keeping my 2017 s100d. Was thinking of upgrading. But free supercharging and having to buy FSD
again caused the numbers not to add up.

MJP.75D | 09. toukokuu 2019

The short answer: I’m waiting....

The longer version: I have a 2016 AP1 75D that has been phenomenal. I love it as much today as I did when first purchased 3 years ago; however, there are some new features I’d really like—namely, HW3 and all that comes along with it and a bigger battery for the numerous annual trips many of which happen in cold weather when the 75 just feels a bit small. The recently added range, suspension improvements, etc just sweeten the deal further....

The good news: I have a Resale Value Guarantee from Tesla so I know exactly what my trade-in allowance will be today thru mid-September. Without this, I likely would have jumped by now (that “free” Ludicrous option is oh so tempting and a great way to offset the loss of UFSC and then some). Still, given the RVG, and the fact that Tesla isn’t offering me a higher value to trade in now, I’m going to wait. I’m essentially driving my current 75D for free as the trade in value today = the trade in value in September. As such, I wait — and hope that an interior refresh comes before I the expiration of the RVG. If the refresh comes and its not to my liking, my hope is there’s an option for an inventory car with the current deign. A bit of a gamble, perhaps, but not that big of one.

Still, free Ludicrous — that would be fun....

sr.smr | 09. toukokuu 2019

Nice deal! The first question I would ask is does the car with Ludicrous mode have a stiffer suspension. In my case a smoother ride and longer range would be my preference. ALWAYS do a test drive and find out for yourself if this is what you want. I bought my 2017 S with a spring suspension and it is my biggest regret.

alexmalinovich | 09. toukokuu 2019

I'm really not a fan of the single screen thing in the M3, but I do hope they at least bring over the air vents from it, because those are amazing. If they do end up going with a single screen I'm sure I'll hate it just like I hated the new front fascia design when it first came out. 3 years later, and my front just seems really dated. And so does my car's. :)

klufkee | 09. toukokuu 2019

Recent (very) 2015 P90DL owner here and couldn't be more satisfied. I really wanted to like the 3 but just couldn't get over the center-only screen. The lack of a hatch was also pretty much a deal breaker but doesn't make me dislike the car. Besides, the power of the S is borderline corrupting. I've heard the 3 feels just a bit less punchy due to torque smoothing of the permanent magnet motors.

If they do refresh the S to look more like the 3 inside I'll either hold on to mine for as long as I can or just look to purchase the newest S without the redesign.