Scheduled to pick up my 3/17 90D on Wednesday and I'm so excited that I just can't hide it ;-)

Car has EAP but not FSD so now I have a decision on when to get FSD. (notice I didn't say whether LOL). From what I can understand the price is 6K (recently up from 5) but would that be from a car with standard AP or is that the price that would apply to me?

We know well about the habits of Tesla and their demand levers so I think there's a fair chance that if I wait I might get it for less but there's also a fair chance that this will be the exception to what we normally see as there is also hardware cost involved.

So, for the moment, what am I NOT getting if I wait? Are there any features currently implemented that are FSD only? Advanced Summon? NOA is part of EAP right?

thanks for any enlightenment!

EVRider | 04. toukokuu 2019

Not sure about the price for people who already have EAP -- I think the post-delivery price for people who have basic AP is $8,000 now.

There are no features in FSD today that are not also available in EAP. Advanced Summon hasn't been released yet, but that will be included in EAP. Buying FSD now gets you a free upgrade to HW3 when Tesla starts installing that in older cars, but it doesn't get you any new features as of now. Of course that will change over time. If you can convince Tesla to sell you FSD at the pre-May 1 price, it might be worth getting it now, but otherwise there's no reason to wait.

Some people missed out on discounted prices because they weren't paying attention, so pay attention in case there's another sale.