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I unfortunately recently totaled my 2017 model S and have been looking to buy a new one. I was trying to get one with the new hw3 in it without having to deal with retrofit later.

I found this site that tracks Tesla vin numbers and seems to be pretty spot on. I purchased a model S made at end of Feb that the site says has 3.0hw.

My questions are does anyone know the accuracy of this site?

How would they know what hardware was in the car?

Thank you for any insight

PrescottRichard | 10. toukokuu 2019

Glad you’re getting a replacement and you’re okay!

I used that site to find my car at the end of last year. My memory is the VINs were very accurate as they are pulled from pages. That is, when you clicked on a car to look at it the page that comes up is an actual Tesla page. That site scrapes and organizes the data for you, but it’s from Tesla. Some cars had disappeared before I could look at them, but other than that it worked wonderfully.

Is that what you’re asking?

EVRider | 11. toukokuu 2019

HW3 wasn’t in production until sometime in April, so a February car wouldn’t have it. Either the build date or the HW3 designation is wrong.